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Welcome to Catholic and Crunchy! I'm Stacy a 20 something Catholic wife living the life in the 'burbs of Raleigh, North Carolina. I started this blog in November of 2011 as I began to revert to my faith and my then-fiance began to convert to the faith. It has been an exciting time for me as I've begun living out the church's teachings (rather than just attending Mass on Sunday and call it a day!). It's also been so powerful watching my then-fiance, now husband, enter the church on Easter Sunday of 2012, slightly less than one week before our wedding!

My blog covers quite a few topics including: my faith, PCOS, married life, eating real/whole foods, frugality, and NFP. I of course post about the ins and outs of life as well, so that list is not exhaustive. And speaking of being exhaustive, I am very long winded so don't say I didn't give you fair warning! I hope you find some inspiration while reading through Catholic and Crunchy!

Need to contact me? Email me at catholicandcrunchy@gmail.com !

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