Monday, November 14, 2016

Clare Sophia: 8 Months

Weight: I meant to do these when she was awake. If I remember, I'll come back and update once I weigh/measure her.

Height: see above

Medical issues: Clare was sick last week and it was so sad and pathetic. She kept laying her head down on me, falling asleep a few times. The cuddles were really nice, but I hated that it was because she felt so badly. I think she caught it from me, and who knows where I caught it from. It felt flu like, but we both only had it for a day, thankfully.

Sleep: Clare's sleep has started to improve a bit at night, just as of a few days ago. She's nursing a little less, so MY sleep is improving, too ;). She is also sleeping longer periods before needing help to re-settle. Her naps are still hit or miss... you never know when she'll go down or for how long. I love car naps with her as much as I did with Felicity. It takes so little effort!

Clothes/diaper size: She is wearing some 6-9 and some 12 month clothes, and is now in a size 4 diaper for the front to back length (she would have been fine in 3s width wise for a bit longer).

Likes; casserole type foods, music, her sister's shows, clapping objects together, watching children play, animals, Felicity's leap frog Violet stuffed animal, drinking out of straw cups

Dislikes: being put down at all, ever!, having things put on her head, namely by her sister; being put down for sleep by me if I'm not nursing her.

Nicknames: Clare Bear, Chunka Monk

Milestones: On October 30th, Clare started clapping. She can now clap on demand (well, if she wants to haha!). She can sometimes sign "nursie" and we are working on other ones. Clare said her first "word" and first consonant all at the same time. She proudly proclaimed "dada!" out of nowhere on November 9th. Today, the 14th, she celebrated by crawling more than just 1-2 paces. She has crawled a few more, probably 3-4 paces, 4 or 5 times today. Clare has been INCREDIBLY cranky for weeks (mama is so worn out!!!!) but already today I saw a little break in the fussing with her newfound mobility. I remember something similar happening with Felicity so let's hope the more she crawls, the happier she is!

I don't want to forget this: Clare does this bizarre and precious little move where she puts one arm up, one arm out, and leans her head to the side all while smiling. It reminds me of a move someone would do when saying "superstar!". She sometimes does it when she's happy, and sometimes the smile is fake and she cries after. It's so funny to watch!

One day in the car, Clare started pulling her blanket over her face. I would say "oh no where's Clare?!?!!?" in a super alarmed voice and Felicity was in hysterics. Clare played for probably 5 minutes!

I *do* want to forget this... this is how she has spent the better part of every day for the past few weeks. So ready to have my happy baby back! 

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