Friday, October 14, 2016

Clare Sophia: 7 Months

Weight: Guessing 18 lbs because 12m clothes (which start at 20) are just the tiniest big on her, and some of her 6-9mo clothes are just a bit small on her. 

Height: I meant to measure her today and totally forgot!! 

Medical issues: I thought Clare was allergic to mandarin oranges (and maybe she is), but what started as, I thought, a food allergy diaper rash became a full blown yeast rash complete with skin break down :(. Rashy babies are the saddest! However, a week or so of lotrimin and desitin, and it's gone! Other than that, she's been doing great. 

Sleep: Clare is going through a developmental leap and possibly teething, so her sleep has been very messed up. She's taking more naps than usual (4-5 a day!), and waking up a ton between our bed time and hers. *yawn*

Clothes/diaper size: Some 6-9 months and some *sniff sniff* 12 months!!! Size 3 diapers but I will switch her to 4 as soon as we run out. Her 2.5 yo 90th% sister is in a 5 lol! Soon they may be sharing. 

Likes: She still loves spoons! Clare likes taking things in and out of boxes/bins. She enjoys baby teething biscuits, bell peppers, and slices of fruit. Clare of course enjoys nursing and cuddles. She likes walks in the stroller and watching bigger kids play. 

Dislikes: She doesn't like her sister man-handling her which, of course, I can understand. Clare doesn't like being worn unless we're on the go or she's sleepy. She doesn't like when we go to a different room. 

Nicknames: Clare Bear, Chunk

Milestones: She is trying SO HARD to get into the crawling position! Clare will be sitting and then push her top half forward with one leg in place, but the other leg stays stuck under her. I am nowhere near ready for a 2nd mobile child so I'm hoping it takes her a while to figure out. She's learning object permanence so she's sad when I walk away, but she happily plays on the floor much longer than she used to as long as I'm in the room. 

I don't want to forget this: 

The other day Steven took Clare out to run errands. He really enjoys being out with her, and has done it quite a bit recently. After one particularly long jaunt, he came walking in the kitchen with her, she smiled huge and I swear signed "nursie". I died of cute and of course fulfilled her request right away. 

Every time Clare wakes up, I know she's up for the day/til the next nap because she coos in the sweetest voice. She doesn't do it if she wants to go back to sleep. 

Clare has started to snuggle on me and it is THE BEST. She will put her arms against mine and lay her head right down on my chest. Pretty sure it will never get old!!!

*Blogger will not let me upload a picture right now :(. Major sad face. I'll try again later!*