Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Big Girl Cuteness

I really love Felicity's baby book over all. It's from Target, and is WAY better than the one I purchased for Clare from Aldi. But one thing that bums me out a bit is that the only thing it has for ages 2-5 is a page to talk about their birthday/birthday party. I really wanted somewhere to write about favorite things, funny things, and milestones. Now that she's 2.5, I realize how quickly this year is going so I figured I would document some here, even though it will be a bit hodge podge.

Likes: Daniel Tiger, Jake and the Neverland Pirates, reading and being read to, playing with "mom/mama" or "dada", entertaining "sissy", rocket ships and all things outer space, collecting rocks, getting mail, doing crafts, counting and recognizing numbers, Leap Frog shows and products, her appy (paci that she gets for nap and night time), most any type of cold treat

Dislikes: time to go to nap or bed, not being able to do things herself (she MUST be the one to clip her chest clip in the car seat), having to take a break when she's wild/not listening/making bad choices, potatoes and sweet potatoes, diaper changes

Cute Words: Felicity has so many words and advanced language skills that I really hold onto the ones she says wrong because they are so cute and remind me how little she really is!
"Kickly" is quickly, haw-sih-bull is hospital,
Captain Hook is said like the oo in boot, and she calls the doubloons "the balloons". The female pirate Izzy is "Eezy".
She says maggots for magnets, and it makes me laugh so hard every time she says "But I want to play with my maggots!!!!!".

Cute Memories:
Felicity has been into having a rock collection since she saw a Daniel Tiger episode where Prince Wednesday has a rock collection. My mom started it by getting her a little velvet bag of polished rocks. We added to it at the beach by doing gem mining. Felicity constantly tries to add to it by trying to take gravel from gravel roads, rocks from landscaping, and, most recently, carrying a heavy patio paver from our friend's patio up to the deck doorway to the living room where we were sitting to show us "her rock".

She has a really odd obsession with smelling things. The only thing I've told her no to was a decomposing fish at the beach. It's particularly funny when I tell her she can't take a landscaping rock, so she then decides to smell it and proclaims to everyone around us "it smells good!". Everything smells good to her.

Felicity loves to make Clare happy. She will fake laugh or sing or smile just to get a smile out of her sister. If Clare is cranky, Felicity will sometimes sing her a song- either the Daniel Tiger sad song or a lullaby because she assumes Clare is tired. She MUST be the one to throw away dirty diapers and give me a clean one. She really eats up her big sister role :).

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  1. My daughter is four and is still into rock collecting. Especially from people's yards!