Sunday, August 14, 2016

Clare Sophia: 5 Months

Weight: I've decided I'm taking height and weight out for the next baby because I never know! My guess is 17 lbs since she was 15 lbs a month ago and is putting on about .5 lb-1lb a week.

Height: Taller than the last time? I think she was 25 inches so maybe another half inch or inch. 

Medical issues: None! We enjoyed an issue free month. 

Sleep: Clare's sleep has changed a lot. She went from 90 min between naps to 2 to sometimes 4 hours between! On average, it's about 2-2.5 hours between. She has started going to bed later and waking up earlier, and napping a bit longer. We're still trying to figure it all out, and then I'm sure it will change again :). 

Clothes/diaper size: Size 3 diapers and 6-9 month clothing. She's so long and those thighs are so chunky!

Likes: being held, playing with toys (the O'ball is her favorite), watching her sister play, short stroller rides, being tickled, being smiled at/smiling, playing with toys in the exersaucer.

Dislikes: Felicity jumping near her or (obviously) hurting her... which has happened a LOT more this past month, being laid down, having to take a nap, the car seat.

Nicknames: Clare Bear is still her main nickname. 

Milestones:Clare hasn't done any of the traditional milestones yet. She's still not sitting, even in the tripod stance, and hasn't started rolling front to back, though she's trying, and really hasn't rolled back to front in quite a while. But! She had what I will call a milestone when she accepted a straw sippy of breastmilk I offered her. I've only tried it once (I left another time and had a sippy ready but Steven ended up not needing to give it to her while I was gone), but I consider it major success for the baby who refuses all bottles. I'm hoping to try it again next week at the beach to see if it buys me a bit of time by myself!

I don't want to forget this: I don't want to forget her being small :(. Steven and I had a talk the other night about enjoying her more. We both feel like we spend so much time doing things with Felicity, since she needs to much one on one attention and is so engaging, that we end up basically just managing Clare between naps. I don't want to waste this time of her being a little baby and then regretting it. So we are making a concerted effort to really enjoy her more, to make Felicity wait a bit if we're playing with Clare. Their naps haven't been lining up as much lately (sniff, tear) and I've used that time when Clare is awake but Felicity is asleep to really dote on and play with Clare. It has been really nice! I also don't want to forget Felicity jumping or running and Clare dissolving into a fit of giggles! 

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