Saturday, May 7, 2016

Mother's Day Interview

Happy mothers' day! I'm so blessed to have the title of mother to my two precious girls. I will remind myself of that often today as I take care of my sick toddler and sleep refusing newborn while my husband works a long day :)... If I can remember to do it, I thought it would be fun to do these interviews each year on mothers' day. If we do end up homeschooling, which is the current plan, we won't have teachers to put this together and I've always thought it was a really cute idea! I like seeing how the answers change over time.

I feel like I should throw in there that I really do not prefer "mama". Since that's naturally the word that children learn, we went with it for a while. But for about the past year, I've referred to myself often as "mommy" since that's what I'd rather be called. But for whatever reason, it hasn't stuck and Felicity prefers mama. I'll probably still continue my passive mommy indoctrination regardless! Felicity's part of the sentences below is bolded. I enjoyed hearing her answers!

Mama likes to read books. 
Well, yes, but I do wish I had time to read MY books sometimes. Currently I'm reading a lot of Daniel Tiger and Little Critters lol.

Mama's favorite song is Daniel
From Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood. Not really... except for when Felicity sings it <3.

Mama is big years old.

Mama's favorite animal is a elephant.
No, but I do like them!

I like it when mama does noses go boop boop.
We've done this for a while where I "boop" her nose by tapping it, and then we have to boop everyone's nose around us. 

Mama's favorite food is dippy and strawberries.
I like both, though Felicity is the one obsessed with dippy (basically any sauce).

What I love about mama is no I don't like the mama.
Felicity is sick and was crying by this point. She was over it!!

So incredibly blessed to mother these sweet babies!

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  1. The last one made me burst out laughing!!!