Sunday, April 17, 2016

Welcome to the Church, Little One!

Clare Sophia is one of the newest members of the Catholic Church! She was baptized this morning at the 8am Mass. We chose friends of ours who we've known for 7 years to be her Godparents. In fact, they are the first friends I made when I moved to Raleigh and were instrumental in my coming back into the faith, because the wife, Teri, invited me to teach faith formation with her that first year, which I did and really enjoyed. We lost touch a bit during the time that their son was born a few years ago, but then ended up both buying houses within 10 minutes of each other and rekindled our friendship. I'm so glad we did! They are great examples for Clare to look up to and I know will pray for our baby often.

Mass went very well considering we were on the front pew and normally sit in the family section. Both sets of grandparents sat behind us and we were so happy to have them there. Felicity got pretty chatty toward the end, but did very well over all. Steven had the brunt of caring for her which was a nice break for me and I just nursed, patted, and rocked Clare who was mostly happy through Mass. There was another baby being baptized which was kind of nice because I don't love the spotlight. We all crowded around the font for our babies to have their original sin washed away. Both cried a bit when the water was poured over their heads, but calmed down.

Toward the end of Mass, I heard Clare poop (it's quite loud) and figured I'd change her as soon as Mass was over. Well, right as Mass ended I lifted my hand up from where I was holding her and... well you can guess the rest. Poop on my hand, her dress, my dress. Even worse, we had no wipes because our friend had borrowed ours during Mass and used the last one. Godparents to the rescue! They had some in their car, and we had a white dress in the car so we got Clare changed before doing a couple pictures. I'm pretty bummed that I didn't get any good photos with her in the baptismal gown but I guess this is real life, huh? Oh well. That will head to the dry cleaners tomorrow!

After Mass, Steven ran to the grocery store for diapers (we used the last one in the diaper bag during the blow out and I was afraid of a repeat performance!) and then we- Godparents, grandparents, and friends- met back up at Ihop for breakfast. It was a lovely time eating and chatting, and thankfully Clare slept so I could enjoy my food! Felicity did wonderfully the whole time and was in love with her "tutu dress" of course,

After coming home for naps, we met back up with our friends and Godparents at a local park and had cake, play time, and then decided to all order chinese and have dinner together. We are now home, exhausted, and so happy. Such a perfect day!

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