Sunday, April 3, 2016

Big Sister

Felicity has amazed me in every aspect as a big sister. Though she loves babies, she is a total mama's girl and I was very worried about how she would adjust to someone needing my attention day and night. Besides a very few instances of "you're MY mama!", she has shared me gladly and joyfully, loving every bit of having a baby sister. Felicity spent the first two weeks exclaiming "she's so cute! she's so little! she's so silly!" every time she looked at her baby sister. The last week, she's wanted to help with everything, which I'm encouraging of course. She likes getting diapers, "watching the baby" for me if I go into another room, helping to rock her, and even likes holding Clare's head or body as I nurse her. It's funny and precious. We had one incident today where she pushed the swing too hard and Clare slumped forward, then fell out of the swing and face planted onto the floor, but it was not intentional at all, although traumatic for everyone! Felicity is definitely learning her own strength as she navigates being a big sister and I often have to remind her that she can't push on/brace on/lean on the baby.

Felicity "reading" a book to Clare

Felicity often refers to Clare as "baby Clare" or "my sister". The love Felicity has for Clare makes my heart almost burst. I wanted a sister so badly for her, mostly because I loved having a sister so much growing up. Rachel and I are two years apart and, besides the teenage years, have been really close. Until we were probably 12 and 14, we were the best of friends and played together constantly. I hope my girls are the same way and, so far, it seems they will be. Felicity requests to snuggle Clare in her bed, or climb in my bed with me if I'm nursing first thing in the morning. She's just the sweetest, most doting, loving big sister! Sometimes I get a little sad thinking about the things Clare won't have that Felicity did, like my ability to hold her through naps as a newborn, all the undivided attention, and things like that. But then I realize that Clare will have something Felicity didn't- a big sister to love on her and teach her and, to me, that's way better than what she might be missing out on. We are definitely having some growing pains as we adjust to a family of 4, but I am so, so blessed and happy to have a wonderful big sister for my sweet Clare.

Snuggling in Felicity's bed

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