Monday, November 9, 2015

Toddler Talk

I think Felicity learning to talk might be my favorite part of toddlerhood, besides snuggles. Or it might even overtake snuggles. Just don't make me decide. Again, I want to write down some of these that I won't remember when she starts using the words or phrases correctly (*sob* not soon, hopefully).

My have it: when she wants something that someone else has. Or sometimes when she's arguing with her own self over a toy.

My mine: similar to above, but she uses this when she doesn't know the word of said item. So where she'd normally say "my ________" and name the toy, she says "my mine" if she doesn't know the name.

Appy peez. Mook peez. Watuh peez: Pacifier please. Milk please. Water please. Not only are the words cute, but I am so in love with this phase of saying please for EVERYthing. I know it won't last because she had a prior phase of saying thank you constantly that didn't stick, but it's so cute. She will even wake up in the middle of the night requesting "milk please" or even "bless you, mama" the one time I woke myself (and her apparently) up snoring.

Color and cuddle both sound the same. And she loves to do both so figuring out which one she is intending can be quite the challenge!

Airplayin': Airplane. This is my current favorite, and thankfully she says it a lot since we have 2 toy planes a puzzle piece airplane. She said airplane correctly for a month before switching to airplayin' and it makes me smile every time!

Kihee: kitty, which is actual Daniel Tiger. Though she knows his stuffed animal is named Tigey and does not call him a kitty lol  All of her DT character pronunciations are wrong and so cute!

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