Tuesday, October 13, 2015

From Baby to Toddler

My sister inspired this post because she has written some about things she'll miss about her baby as she gets older and, now that the baby book is down to one page to summarize a whole year (sniff, sniff), I keep thinking about all the cute things she does and wondering if I'll even remember them! So I figured I might as well write a few of them down :). And also Jellybean has kind of taken the blogging spotlight lately so this one's for you, my sweet first born.

19 Month Old Cuteness

  • She's already lost this but I have to say it! For months, Felicity called kitties "tih tih" with sort of a lisp on the front end (almost a "th" sound). It was one of our favorite things ever and we were so sad when she learned the word kitty!
  • Speaking of the word kitty, she has trouble with double consonants in the middle so kitty is actually pronounced "kih-eee" and cuddle is pronounced "cuh-uhl". Ahhh so cute.
  • She is very into helping, but mostly with vacuuming. When I vacuum, Felicity pushes her stroller around the house the way I do with the vacuum. Then she insists on handing me the cord as I wind it up and says "Hepping!". 
  • Felicity is the cutest copycat. If we are on a play date and the other mom sits on a bench, Felicity goes and sits beside her. If I sit on the ground against a wall, she comes and sits beside me with her back pressed against it. If I stand with my hands behind my back, she scurries over beside me and puts her hands behind her back. And if the neighbor toddler lays on the ground to examine a bug, she lays on the ground and giggles. 
  • When she wants to eat and I tell her it's not time (for example, in gymnastics class) she goes through every word she has, hoping I'll say yes to one of them. "Eat. Nack. Suppuh. Mook. Eat. Nack."
  • Felicity just started getting into her play kitchen and now makes me 'soup' daily. She brings a cup or bowl with a spoon and feeds me, making a slurping sound. 
  • When I give her a hug, kiss or cuddle, she starts a "my" war with "my huggie! my cuddle! my kissy"! I know I shouldn't encourage it but I do because it's the cutest thing ever! She is also gaining bodily autonomy which I'm super proud of and will say "my arm!" or _____ insert other body part here if someone touches or grabs her. 
  • She can put her number puzzle together and name the numbers, which blew me away the first time she did it. She confuses 9 and 6 of course, but otherwise does stunningly well. She's so little that I can't believe she sits there and says her numbers! Love that little muffin! 
  • When I sneeze (or cough lol), she stops what she's doing (even if she's watching "kitty!" Daniel Tiger) to say either "bless you mama" or "bless you mommy". My heart melts every time! 


  1. Given that I prayed for that little munchkin over her entire time in utero, I will likely cry when I meet her because she is just too cute for words.

  2. Ahhh I love reading posts like this (and they remind me I should write stuff like that down more often myself; I want to remember!)! She is getting so big and is as cute as ever!