Saturday, September 5, 2015

Dear Baby #2, Letter 1

Dear Baby,                                       07-21-2015

Boy, how things change from baby 1 to baby 2! We found out about you almost a week and a half ago, and I am just sitting down to write my first letter! Your big sister keeps us on our toes, but you can't imagine the excitement you've brought to our lives in such a short time :). You know my favorite thing about you? NO DOCTOR APPOINTMENTS TO GET YOU! Actually, I had one set up for August 3rd and it seems, like last time when I got a positive right before surgery to further explore my infertility, that my body likes a deadline. Getting to this point has been so much different than last time.... barely any stress, so much more carefree, experiencing it the way you always imagine you will! I am not taking it for granted for even one second. I kept taking tests and kept getting negatives, and just told myself that's ok; that's what I expected based on my charts. Then I skipped Friday, and took another test Saturday... and Sunday, and Monday :). The doctor got me in on Tuesday for my much needed progesterone shot (though my chart looks way better, my levels are just as bad as they were with your sister!). Daddy and I have already had fun telling family about you, and it was quite a surprise to everyone. In 2 weeks, we have an ultrasound to check on you. I'm always so nervous about that one... will there be a heartbeat? But I do feel much more at peace this time than last. I am much more easily trusting in God's plan for us, and that we will be taken care of no matter what. Of course, we want you more than anything! But I know that we will be ok. But hey, I'm your mother and my first request is that you grow a nice strong heart so we can see it beating in 2 weeks, ok? We love you so much already, even if we can't come up with a nickname for you ;).



  1. Congratulations, Stacy! What a blessing for your family!

  2. AAAAAAHHH! Stacy! Congratulations!! I just saw your last 3 posts all at once and am so, so happy for you!! You and your sweet babe will be in my prayers--I pray he or she grows strong and healthy, that your pregnancy is complication-free, and that you and Steven are flooded with peace. Looking forward to more updates =) xoxo