Sunday, September 20, 2015

Baby Prep

When I was pregnant with Felicity, I felt I was busy the whole time. On top of all my pregnancy issues and worries, and a full time job, we had a nursery to prepare, registry to complete, showers to attend, doula to find, books to read.... you get the idea. By 6 weeks, I was already stocking up on gender neutral clothes since I knew we weren't finding out the sex. This time around, at 14 weeks, the most I've done is make a teeny stockpile of milk in my freezer (however, Felicity appears to be weaned so YAY for a few months of a break), and I bought a 25 cent organic romper at a thrift store. We just don't have nearly as much to do! I do think I will buy Husband Coached Childbirth because we simply don't have the funds for a doula this time around (sniff, sniff) but reading that is about all that's on the docket for the next few months, besides appointments.

Anyway, I got to thinking that as much as we needed to prepare last time by getting things done during pregnancy for the baby, I actually do this time as well; the preparation is just vastly different because it's more for our existing child or for myself. I have things to think about like who will keep Felicity when we're in the hospital (probably a variety of people, so it will take some scheduling), how to help her with the transition, putting some plans in place in case we deal with the same feeding/weight issues, and mainly how to make my life as easy as possible (ha!) with a toddler and newborn. I struggled a lot more last time than I anticipated I would, so I'm going to try to be as proactive as possible this time around. Here are a few of the things I've been thinking about and pre-planning for, and I'd love input from those more experienced moms!

  • Some back up care for Felicity once my mom leaves and Steven goes back to work. By back up care I also mean play dates because though it will be super helpful for me, I think it will be equally good for her since she's used to seeing friends a lot. We have 3 friends nearby that we primarily spend time with so I'm thinking if each one keeps her for an afternoon, and she goes to one each week, that gives me a quiet afternoon to myself with the new baby once a week for 3 weeks. Luckily my friends are pretty awesome and would likely be happy to do that and more.
  • Allllllll the freezer cooking and prep! When my mom was here last time, it was so nice that I had things in freezer bags that she could throw in the fridge one day and in the crockpot the next day. I broke my own rule on crockpot liners and we used them for a few weeks, which made clean up a cinch. We were eating home cooked meals with no one having to slave over a stove or sink. I also had things like burritos frozen for lunches. This time I want to have even more stashed since we have a deep freezer, and include breakfast items and more lunch items. It took me MONTHS to get back into the hang of cooking and I don't want Felicity (or us!) living on fast food or convenience food that long. 
  • Speaking of freezer prep, continuing to stash milk/donor milk. The biggest hurdle I had with Felicity was who is out running around for donor milk with a super brand new baby? So I ended up using formula to supplement about the first 2 weeks until my doula brought some donor milk. After that ran out, I was able to seek out/pick it up and we were good to go from there. I'm hoping to avoid formula from the get go (for at least 6 months but that's a whole other post!) so planning in advance will really help that. Luckily my sweet sister has already given me some for the deep freezer!
  • This is a total luxury and we may or may not be able to swing it, but I think we may set up a one time house cleaning a couple weeks post birth. The house should be nice and ripe by then (*shudder*) and it would take that off my plate. It would also ease things up for Steven because, while he was a huge help last time with the house for quite a while, he will primarily probably be needed to help keep life normalish for Felicity. 
  • And last, one for the new baby, "Jellybean". We aren't going to move Felicity into the other room until after the baby comes (probably 3-6 months after) so we need a space in our room for a changing table and the baby's clothes. The actual space isn't a problem because our room is pretty big, but we need to organize a bit and find a changing table/dresser for our room so I have somewhere to store all the itty bitty items!

I'm sure this list will get ridiculously longer over the next few months, but that's what I've put together so far based on my experience with Felicity as a newborn... and Felicity as a toddler haha! 

Monday, September 7, 2015

Jellybean Bumpdate: 12 Weeks

I hope this baby forgives me, but I haven't been documenting things nearly as much as I did with Felicity. I'm, of course, not any less excited- just so busy with big sister! I thought I would do a "bumpdate" at least a few times though because I like to remember some of the details.

How far along: 12 weeks

Baby Size: Size of a lime, a little over 2 inches (of cute)

Weight gain: I'm not sure but I will tell you this. I had just gotten to my pre-Felicity weight when I got pregnant, but I'm already only like 13 lbs from my highest pregnancy weight. Cue horror, panic, and anguish. I hadn't gained even an ounce by this point last time! 

Maternity clothes: Still wearing normal shirts (though my looser ones) but moved into maternity pants between 10 and 11 weeks.

Stretch marks: No. Didn't get any (and just 2 teeny ones) til the very end last time so hoping for a similar outcome but.... see above about weight gain lol.
Sleep: Not that much different than normal at night besides the added potty trips. I'm sleeper during the day because I'm taking even more progesterone than last time, which I didn't know was possible. I try to nap when Felicity does, and I've been going to bed early.

Gender: It will be a surprise again!

Movement: I swear I've felt movement 2 different times but I could just be making that up. I know you feel the 2nd one earlier but it still feels too early.

Best moment this week: Our ultrasound last Tuesday, for sure! Then announcing on facebook.

Looking forward to: The bump growing. I love having a pregnant belly :).
  Anything making you queasy or sick: I'm just generally nauseous this time around. Sometimes the mention of any food does it. 

Labor Signs: No, thank God.
What I miss: Not being jabbed with a needle twice a week ;). 
Symptoms: Typical stuff mentioned previously. And heartburn. Already. 
Nursery: Sorry 2nd baby. You'll get a nursery when big sister moves rooms a few months after you're born ;).
Belly Button in or out? In.

Wedding rings on or off? On.

Mood: Normal, and much more at peace than I was last time. I've had some worries and anxieties, but over all much more peace which has been wonderful. 

Sunday, September 6, 2015

Dear Baby #2, Letter 2 and Letter 3

Dear Jellybean,                                                           08-01-2015

I've been putting off writing this letter because writing it makes it feel more real. Two weeks ago, I had my hcg levels drawn (about a week after the initial appointment). I called the doctor that Friday after a Monday and Wednesday draw since I hadn't heard from him. He said that my Monday level was good but that my Wednesday level had not doubled. He grimly said that he knows something is in my uterus but the next diagnostic tool is an ultrasound. At that point we had a week and a half to go (now only a few days). Daddy, myself, and Felicity were at a farm playing when he called me back, and I started crying as I told Daddy what the doctor said. We immediately began googling, and it seems as if my numbers could be completely normal. So I'm not sure why the doctor was being such a downer. My only thought is that (and he was this way with your sister, too) he wants me to be prepared for the worst since I'm at a higher risk of complications anyway. I appreciate being realistic, but would also have appreciated the knowledge that things could potentially be just fine. So of course Daddy and I have been struggling since then. During the day we're both busy and pretty positive. But quite a few evenings find us sad and upset about the possibility of losing you. I know it's not a guarantee at all, but I have had more nausea with you than with Felicity, so I'm choosing to take that as a good sign! We are praying so hard to see a heartbeat on Tuesday. And, if not, praying for peace and acceptance. We love you so much whether we meet you on this earth or not. We went ahead and had our now-traditional celebration meal at Outback (bc mommy craves ALL the meat when pregnant), and got our rosary to pray on during this pregnancy, no matter how short or long it may be. You are a member of our family no matter what, and we want to celebrate you and pray for you just like we did for Felicity.

We love you so much.


Dear Jellybean,                                                   08-10-2015

We had our appointment last Tuesday, and there you were! Our sweet little jellybean of a baby, with a flickering heart. Almost as soon as the doctor started the ultrasound, he pointed and said "there's the flutter". I signed the biggest sigh of relief. With your sister, it seemed like all those early ultrasounds took FOREVER to get an image and then even longer for the doctor to say something to let me know all was ok, so the immediate affirmation was wonderful. As I thought, you were measuring small, so we adjusted the due date by 5 days, from 3/13/16 to 3/18/16. I like even numbers and I like growing my babies as long as I can knowing you will be at least a week if not 2 weeks early, so I was happy with that. Of course my fairly severe nausea basically stopped the day after and has only returned in short, light spurts, so I'm nervous again. But, as I felt so peaceful during our 45 minute drive to the doctor as we prayed on your rosary, I feel peaceful now. I don't like to guess what that means; I just accept the peace for what it is. We get to see you again on 8/31 and I am counting down the days! Luckily we have a visit from friends and a week at the beach between now and then to help pass the time. And, as I am guessing will be the norm, your big sister keeps me so busy that the days pass fairly quickly. I am betting 2nd pregnancies, generally speaking, go by much faster than first! We love you tons and if you want to make me sick to let me know you're ok, mommy is fine with that :). Can't wait to see your sweet little arms and legs moving in a few weeks. The 12 week ultrasound will always be my favorite!


As a follow up, because I'm a horrible blogger, the 12 week ultrasound went just fine, although way too fast! The baby was measuring a bit ahead (fine by me; Felicity was tiny!) and I had to do the early glucose test so he or she was kicking and wiggling like mad! The doctor kept trying to show me the heartbeat and all I wanted to see was those limbs wiggling around. Something about this ultrasound where the baby is moving and you can see the whole thing on the screen is just amazing to me. I could have watched it all afternoon! Thank you for those of you whose prayers have gotten us to this point. I'm still kind of in shock that my body did something correctly on its own, so this is a bit surreal. Also, it's going WAY faster than my pregnancy with Felicity (probably because of that cute toddler I'm attempting to keep up with!). Hoping to blog more regularly but we all know I probably won't :P.

Saturday, September 5, 2015

Dear Baby #2, Letter 1

Dear Baby,                                       07-21-2015

Boy, how things change from baby 1 to baby 2! We found out about you almost a week and a half ago, and I am just sitting down to write my first letter! Your big sister keeps us on our toes, but you can't imagine the excitement you've brought to our lives in such a short time :). You know my favorite thing about you? NO DOCTOR APPOINTMENTS TO GET YOU! Actually, I had one set up for August 3rd and it seems, like last time when I got a positive right before surgery to further explore my infertility, that my body likes a deadline. Getting to this point has been so much different than last time.... barely any stress, so much more carefree, experiencing it the way you always imagine you will! I am not taking it for granted for even one second. I kept taking tests and kept getting negatives, and just told myself that's ok; that's what I expected based on my charts. Then I skipped Friday, and took another test Saturday... and Sunday, and Monday :). The doctor got me in on Tuesday for my much needed progesterone shot (though my chart looks way better, my levels are just as bad as they were with your sister!). Daddy and I have already had fun telling family about you, and it was quite a surprise to everyone. In 2 weeks, we have an ultrasound to check on you. I'm always so nervous about that one... will there be a heartbeat? But I do feel much more at peace this time than last. I am much more easily trusting in God's plan for us, and that we will be taken care of no matter what. Of course, we want you more than anything! But I know that we will be ok. But hey, I'm your mother and my first request is that you grow a nice strong heart so we can see it beating in 2 weeks, ok? We love you so much already, even if we can't come up with a nickname for you ;).