Thursday, February 19, 2015

Felicity Marian: ONE YEAR OLD!

My last monthly post! Ah!!! My baby girl is quickly turning into my big girl. She's done a lot this first year, and this last month was certainly no exception.

Weight: We go on Monday but I'm thinking she's hovering between the 21-22 lb mark!

Height: I need to check but she's asleep!

Medical issues: Thank God, she's been healthy this last month. Felicity had so many germs this winter, so it's been a real treat to have a healthy girl for an entire month!

Sleep: A *lot* has changed here! We noticed that Felicity was showing signs of needing her own sleep space (mainly waking up when we came to bed and when Steven gets up in the morning), so we very timidly decided to try to move her to her room. We've tried before and she wasn't ready, so we weren't sure what was going to happen. I turned the crib into a toddler bed because Felicity doesn't do well with being lowered down, since she's never slept in a crib and only rarely in a pack n play. I was planning on using a bed rail, but didn't realize til after I changed it to a toddler bed that only an Ikea bed rail works on that particular crib, but wouldn't work on ours because we used a taller non-Ikea mattress. Sooo... we employed some pillows on the floor. ANYWAY, long story short, she's been in the toddler bed for 2 weeks and it's gone really well! She's sleeping for longer periods of time (all the way up to 10 hours at a time! Usually closer to 5, but that's still technically sleeping through the night), and we still get our cuddles because we bring her in any time after 3 that she wakes up, at least for now. She used to go to sleep nursing, but now I nurse her and then one of us just stays with her until she goes to sleep, which is generally in 10-20 minutes. The whole process has been so smooth! I'm really glad we followed her lead on sleep this whole time because I really think we're seeing the fruits of our labor now. Oh, we also bought a sound machine that can stay on all night, vs her sleep sheep that runs for 45 minutes, and that has been golden.

Clothes/Diaper size: same as last month- size 4 diapers, 2nd rise on cloth diapers, and 12 month clothing. She did wear one 18mo sweater that fit much better than I'd like to admit....

Likes: playing chase, anything musical, cell phones/tablets/laptops much to my dismay, pacis, FOOD, Cat the Cat and Kitty Catkin books (and having them read over and over!), playing with and shredding toilet paper, putting toys in the recycle bin

Dislikes: the vacuum, mommy sitting on the couch, daddy holding you at church (I wear her in the ergo during Mass now which makes life SO much easier now that she's super mobile),

Nicknames: Stinka, Minky, Baby Daughter, Puddin Pop

Milestones: It only took her 11 months, but Felicity is finally holding her own bottle :)... just in time for us to transition her to a sippy/straw cup full time lol. It's so convenient and helpful, but I also miss feeding her her bottle because now she wants to be down and walking around while she drinks it instead of in my lap :(.

Felicity is walking 100% of the time, and has been for a few weeks. Upright mobility is good and bad. The perk is that she doesn't eat nearly as much stuff off the floor/ground but the downside is that her little head is constantly bruised from where she walks into things or falls over.

1/28 she began signing both 'nursies' and 'baba' (bottle) all the time, although she later dropped nursies (baba means both; yes, it's confusing`), and now baba has even more meanings! Over the last week and a half she's begun signing 'all done' .

2/5 she began sleeping in the toddler bed in her room and on 2/7 she slept 7:30pm-5:15am! I woke up at 4:15 when Steven's alarm went off and couldn't go back to sleep because I was so keyed up about her not waking up, so I was still tired that day lol. Oh, the irony!

2/11 Well, I'm not sure if this counts as milestone but it certainly doesn't belong in the next section. She started biting! I know it's because of her new teeth and incoming teeth, but we are now working hard on "we don't bite people". I will fight the "we don't bite furniture" some other time and just redirect, redirect, redirect!

I don't want to forget this:

My brother, sister in law, niece, and nephew visited and it was SO much fun to have them here. We definitely need to do it more often.

I started keeping a church nursery one morning a month. Felicity goes with me, of course, and I was kind of nervous about how it would go since she can be pretty clingy PLUS she was missing nap. Well, she impressed me so much! She only got upset if another baby got upset and, otherwise, walked around the room and played for the whole 2.5 hrs we were there!

This doesn't just apply to this month, but I've forgotten to write about it until now. You almost always have your legs crossed at the ankle and it is SO DARN CUTE! My favorite is when you're sitting on the floor 'reading' your books with your ankles crossed but you also do it in the high chair, car seat, stroller... ahhh such a sweet baby girl!

When she gets something she shouldn't have (only 72 times an hour), I say 'bring it to mama' and
she walks away with her arms up over her head, item in hand, almost in a victory walk fashion before she finally brings me the item.

She constantly goes through the diaper bag (my fault for always leaving it open!) and now knows what the snack containers look like, so she si always bringing them to open- even if she has a full belly! I have to hide the containers when we go to church or she will spend the entire hour eating graham crackers.

We went to Aloha Safari Zoo on a rare Saturday off for Steven and had so much fun. Felicity didn't notice a lot of the animals but absolutely loved the miniature horses... so much so that she stuck her entire hand in the nostril of one On the safari, all she wanted to do was eat the expired bread meant for the animals lol. She also enjoyed the giraffe and small farm animals. It was such a perfect day!

One of her favorite games this month is playing ball. I roll it to her, and then she flings it to one side, and I make a pitter patter sound with my hands on the floor as she goes after it. She gets hysterical and loves it so much that it never gets old; I just eventually tire out and call it quits! It's hands down my favorite game to play with her.

On 2/18 we enjoyed Felicity's first snow. It didn't amount to much, but fell quickly in big, fluffy snowflakes. I bundled her and took her out to play. Felicity LOVED it. She ran around with her arms stretched out above her, trying to feel and catch snow flakes. She got filthy in the 10 minutes outside, but it was worth it :).

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