Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Felicity Marian: 11 Months

*cries a little*
Every month is a little hard, but this one especially. How is my baby girl going to be ONE next month? I know people always do this... are amazed at how fast time goes and constantly talk about it. I'm no exception because her first year has flown. It's so much fun to see her personality blossom and she can do SO much more fun stuff now, but I almost don't even remember her as a tiny baby and that breaks my heart! Ok, I'll save it for the one year post :P. Moving on! Besides the fact that Felicity and I seem trade off on who is sick, it's been a great month. She continues to pick up SO many new skills! 

Weight: By our unofficial home weigh in, 21 lbs!!

Height: Also by our unofficial home measurements, 27 inches (which would mean she got chunkier but not taller since last month lol). 

Medical issues: Mostly just sickness crud. She currently is on day 3 of a fever, cough, and runny nose but she seems to be doing better. 

Sleep: Sleep has remained pretty steady. She goes down around 7 or 7:30, stirs a few times before we come to bed, then sleeps pretty solidly until about 5am. She stirs quite a bit between 5 and 7 and then is usually up at 7. She takes a short morning nap and a long (well...for her) afternoon nap. She was fighting sleep for a while, I think because of all her new skills, but has gone down pretty easily the last week or so. 

Clothes/Diaper Size: We finally ran out of our size 3 diapers (they go slow since we also do cloth, which is only bad when you need to switch sizes!) and 4 is SO much better! I've changed the rise snaps on all her cloth now, and they also are fitting better. She's in all 12 month clothing. 

Likes: Stacking cups, "Cat the Cat" and "Kitty Catkin" books, things that crinkle, her vtech singing bear, pressing any and all buttons whether they are 3d or not (she likes to press the magnifying 'button' on my Sims game), LOVES puzzles, and likes bananas which, as of last month, she wouldn't touch, playing chase, her "wubanub" pacifier... because it's totally normal for a baby to decide to use a paci at the age of 11 months after 7 months of not touching it, right? :P

Dislikes: when mommy showers (this is an ongoing thing but it's actually gotten worse. She's terrified when I shower no matter if I put her in with me or not.), having her nose wiped, avocado (used to love it!)

Nicknames: Baby girl girl, The Tickle, Stinkamonk

Milestones: You know how I said she had 2 teeth, canines? Yeah... no... a friend of mine cracked the code on that. Apparently they were epstein pearls which can resemble teeth. But there are no actual teeth there! However, she has had 3 teeth break through this month. Her first was a bottom middle on 12/31 and shortly after she got a top middle and the other bottom middle. She is a champion teether, and I am a huge amber necklace and zoli teether fan!!! Felicity has been taking steps here and there since December 26th (plus that one random step on December 10th I wrote about last month), but as of 1/14 is actually walking. Yes a 10.5 month old walker and boy is she a cute, wobbly mess :). She still intersperses crawling and walking but can actually get across a room walking if she wants. Slow down, baby girl! Although I'm hoping she'll eat less stuff off the ground the more she walks! Felicity also signs nursie now. She did it once at like 6 months and then never again, but now she does it multiple times a day (I'll let it slide that she signed it to my friend over my shoulder at church last weekend lol). On 1/15 she began pointing which is so incredibly cute. There's a lot of "ET phone home" going on here since she likes to point at us and stare. 

I don't want to forget this: 
One day in December, Steven got home and Felicity and I were playing on the floor. She was leaning over me, looked up at Steven, and waved, saying "Dada!". It was the first time she used Dada in context and we pretty much melted on the spot. She also started using mama more than just when crying, though not really in context yet. 

As of about a week ago, Felicity started taking a puzzle piece out and being able to put it back in. It's one of those things that shows me just how smart babies can be. She seems way too little to correctly put a puzzle piece in! 

Last weekend in Mass, Felicity stayed in the ergo the entire time. Not only was I able to focus more, but it was a great hour long cuddle! And no worry about little hands in the communion line :).

Felicity is obsessed with waving at and kissing the 'baby in the mirror' during diaper changes. She LOVES her reflection. She even kisses her reflection in the dishwasher door! She tries the oven but we redirect lol. 

We went to a birthday party last weekend and Steven walked Felicity from the car up to the picnic shelter. Seeing my tiny girl hold her daddy's hand and walk through the parking lot was almost more than I could handle! 

And last, her first Christmas, of course! I was pretty sick but thankfully still able to enjoy the morning with my family around the tree. Steven and I opened presents as she played with hers and it was just as sweet as I imagined it would be. I love my little family so much! 

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