Saturday, December 20, 2014

Felicity Marian: 10 Months

10 month pictures were rough... Usually she tries to tear up the number but is generally happy with the process. Today she was not having it! I decided rather than get frustrated or keep trying, I would just snap the pictures because that's what life is like with a 10 month old :). Especially a teething one! The above picture looks like she's cheesing, but Felicity is actually about to make her disgruntled face which is a scrunchy face looking upward. 

Weight: We have a 20 pounder on our hands :). Our little chunk is solid! 

Height: 27 inches...still a shorty.

Medical issues: Felicity had some kind of funk- a bad cold, I guess, about a week after her first cold cleared up. She was also teething at the same time. It was rough for about a week! I feel so bad for our pitiful girl when she's sick.

Sleep: Sleep has been decent this month. She went from waking up at 6/6:30 most days to now back to 7/7:30. It's funny; I'm almost bummed because I was getting so much more done when we got up early! But I do like sleeping until 7. She is going down 7/7:30 and we have gotten back into Steven shushing her back to sleep, now that she's feeling better, between her bed time and ours (usually she wants to nurse right around our bed time). Felicity has also started taking some longer naps, which is bizarre for her. She went from napping 2 30 min naps a day to 1 1-2 hr nap and 1 30 min nap some days. She still sleeps better in the car than anywhere else. 

Clothes/Diaper Size: Size 3 diapers, though I feel like she could go to size 4, which is bizarre since she is 20 lbs and size 3 goes up to 28lbs! I'm guessing because she will slim out when she's walking? Anyway, she is still fine in size 3, I'm having to change the rise snaps on her cloth diapers finally, and she is in almost all 12 month clothes. That was so emotional pulling out clothes for a ONE YEAR OLD! 

Likes: clinging to mommy's feet, when I'm on the floor with her, stacking cups, "reading" books on her own, Little People (finally! our addiction  collection is paying off!), green beans, tomatoes, and yogurt, banging on the mirror on her changing table, playing with ornaments on the Christmas tree (she likes taking off the bottom ones)

Dislikes: Having her face cleaned/nose wiped, when Mommy sits on the couch, being in the stroller more than about 30 minutes (we go on 45 minutes walks), when I walk out of the room... major separation anxiety! 

Nicknames: Boo, Baby Girl, Wicitah (mostly in a song about her), Stink, Puddin' Pop

Milestones: TWO TEETH! They are barely through, and they are canines, which I find hilarious for her first teeth, but they exist! I'm glad I don't have a totally toothless 10 month old.... I was starting to think I should be worried. The first one came in on 11/28 and the second one came in on 12/8.

Felicity does tricks demand.... well, mostly. Usually if I'm trying to show someone else, she refuses. But otherwise, she's a clapping, dancing, waving, high fiving fool! :) 

On 12/2, she walked across the room with her farm walking toy and now she does it multiple times a day. She has gotten really fast! I took her outside with her zebra bike/walker, and she went from our porch to the far side of the culdesac. She is a good cruiser! Also on 12/2, she brought me her favorite book "Who Says That, Cat the Cat" to read to her. Felicity has never brought me a book but has multiple times since then. I love it! She also sits and "reads" books on her own both at home and the library. 

 Felicity made up her own dance this month (12/6). This was so cool because, so far, everything she's done is because it was taught to her. But this particular dance (hands in front of her, and swinging her arms left to right around her body) was totally made up by her. Now when we say "dance! dance!" she does HER dance instead of the one we taught her. Too cute! 

On 12/10, Felicity WALKED! Ok, it was only 1 step, she only did it twice, and hasn't reproduced it since, but she did it! She was sitting on a step and, when I stood her up, she took one step towards me. Exciting! 

I don't want to forget this: 

St. Nicholas Day was SO much fun! She was sick, so most of our plans got scrapped, but we opened stockings after my parents got here and Steven got home from work. She pulled stuff out, and played with everything we took out. I was trying to prepare myself for the fact that she might not care about any of it, but Felicity really enjoyed seeing her new things! We read her some of the books right away and she sat and listened. It has made me so excited about Christmas! 

Felicity tried to give the neighbor's baby his pacifier. Granted, she steals it constantly, but I was so surprised when she tried to put it back in his mouth. I'm constantly amazed at what she understands that I don't give her credit for! 

On 12/13, we went to the Christmas parade the next town over (we missed ours because Felicity was sick and it was rainy). She did incredibly well throughout the 2 hours we were there, especially since she'd napped for a total of about 30 minutes that day. At the very end, we saw NC's largest marching band, which was all the high school bands of that county together marching as one. Felicity froze as they walked by, with her hands out (like she was going to clap, but her arms didn't move) and a smile plastered on her face. The instruments were LOUD and she was in heaven! She stayed like that until the gigantic band passed us by. Our girl loves band music! 

One of my most favorite things to do with Felicity is play "chase". She giggles the hardest with Steven plays it with her. We crawl after her, loudly slapping our hands on the floor and she LOSES it laughing and trying to get away. Sometimes when Steven walks over to her at some other random time, she smiles huge and starts flapping and burying herself against me because she thinks he's initiating chase lol. 

On Tuesday night, Steven and I had been sitting on the floor reading library books to Felicity. She crawled over to her puzzle bin, stood up, reached in, and crouched down with a puzzle piece. All of a sudden it hit me... she is more of a toddler than a baby! It was so bittersweet. She is doing SO MUCH now, and that's exciting, but it's also sad how far off she is from that little lump of baby we brought home! 

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  1. My little is growing up so fast!!

    12 months clothes you say? *panicked rush to the post office with birthday clothes*