Thursday, November 20, 2014

Felicity Marian: 9 Months

3 more months until her BIRTHDAY!!! How can that be???

Weight: From our scale, she's still about 19-20 lbs, so very similar to last month. I think her weight hasn't changed much since she is crawling so much. Since Felicity has lots of delicious pudge, I'm not worried :). Her 9 month check up is tomorrow so we'll find out her weight for sure! 

Height: No clue! We find out tomorrow. 

Medical issues: Felicity has had her first cold and, while she seems to not feel bad, I am so ready for the runny nose to be gone! She HATES having her face/nose wiped, and absolutely freaks out at the nose freida. Which by the way is the most amazing and most disgusting thing ever. I think she may FINALLY be getting teeth! I can see one under the gums for sure, and possibly the one beside it. Other than that, Felicity hasn't had any issues this month. 

Sleep: Oh good gravy. On 11/1, Felicity began about 2 weeks of waking up to play around 4 am. Luckily some of those days Steven was getting up for work anyway, so I could stay asleep. But man that was rough! It seemed to coincide with her getting really good at crawling. 

Besides that, I would say maybe her sleep has improved a bit? She seems to be sleeping a bit more/nursing a bit less in the middle of the night, so I'm more rested. She wakes up earlier now, usually between 6-6:30, but still goes to bed at 7, and some mornings will sleep til 7. Felicity dropped a nap this month so we're down to 2. It makes life SO much easier! She usually wakes up around 6:30, goes down for a nap around 9, up around 9:30, naps again at 1:30/2, up around 3-3:30 and then is up until bed time at 7. If she naps past 4, even just by 10-15 minutes, she will not go to bed until at least 8 but doesn't sleep in any later, so I try to always have her up by 4!

Clothes/Diaper Size: She's still in size 3 diapers and 9 month clothes. I may start working some 12 month clothes in as some of the snaps are getting a bit tight on a few outfits. I'm also having to raise the "rise" snap on some of her cloth diapers. 

Likes: Puzzles, balls, Buttercup, computer cords and keyboards, eating, her musical activity table and walker, playing "chase" on the bed or in the kitchen, pulling clothes out of drawers

Dislikes: Having her face cleaned/nose wiped, having her diaper changed, not getting what she wants (trying to reach a toy), when Mommy sits on the couch

Nicknames: Big girl, baby girl, boo, the tickle

10/28 Felicity now throws balls and round objects (the lid to her play kitchen pot) and 'chases' them
10/30 pulling up and taking a few steps while holding on (kind of cruising)
11/1 starts giving me kisses when I say "can I have a kissy?". Sometimes she absolutely pelts me with kisses when I ask, and I die of cuteness!
11/3 can get to a sitting position from laying. She rolls to her belly and then can sit up. I've been dreading this moment for nap and bed time lol! Felicity also started giving high fives this week! 
11/5 really cruised at library story time!!!
11/10 Felicity is waving! She mostly did two hands for a while, but now seems to have the one handed wave down. She cracked some older ladies up at church this past week when they waved at her and she surprised them by waving right back! 
11/14 Felicity walked about 5 steps with her walker toy!
11/16 She stood on her own for a few seconds, and has done it about 5 times since then! 

I don't want to forget this: 

Steven's parents came to visit us and brought this little zebra riding toy. Felicity loves it and is so good about holding onto the handles! She will hold on and I push her all the way down the driveway. It seems like such a big kid thing to do!
Steven was out of town for work from 11/3-11/12. During that time, Felicity had a lot of trouble with sleep because usually Steven "shushes" her from when she goes to bed until when we go to bed. If I do it, she wants to cuddle and/or nurse, but for him she'll go right back to sleep. So on 11/4 when she'd woken for the 9 billionth time, I picked her up and rocked her a bit (which is something we never do... just not her thing). For about 10 minutes she cuddled me with her head on my shoulder. Then when I laid her in the pack n play, she held my hand until she fell asleep, but never cried. It was beyond sweet! 
We took Felicity to Marbles Kids' Museum on 11/13 to celebrate "38 weeks in, 38 weeks out" and had SO much fun! We mostly played in the 2 baby areas, but Steven and I got to see all the cool stuff Felicity will get to do when she's bigger. We are definitely going to go there a lot!
Tonight Steven and I got home from a date night (our wonderful neighbors trade sitting with us) and i was getting a few things done around the house while Steven was working on printing a "9" for Felicity's picture. He was on the bed on the computer, and I was getting something out of the bedroom. Felicity went in the closet, stood up to my shoe bin, and began emptying it one by one. Emptying drawers is her new favorite thing, and something just struck me so cute and sweet about us all doing our own thing in the same room. It's probably a "you had to be there moment" but I just happily sighed, thinking how nice life is with my family :).


  1. lmao she is playing fetch with herself!!! :D

    And your words perfectly conveyed the sweetness of that moment, you didn't have to be there. <3

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