Friday, October 31, 2014

Happy Halloween!

After a couple of particularly rough parenting days (mainly involving sleep, but also separation anxiety), I'm having a blissful one! I thought I'd check in and put a few words together since I'm sitting here in my clean living room, cat pans clean, laundry in the dryer, while my baby naps by herself. I love, love, love napping with her, but I do enjoy the occasions where I can slip away and she stays asleep for a while (currently an hour!). It's her first Halloween, and first holidays always make me a bit sentimental since it's her last first of said holiday. Yes, it's her first Halloween but it's also her last first Halloween! Feliciy is wearing a precious outfit given to her by her Gammy that says my first halloween and has a little tutu on the pants. Then, this evening when we give out candy, she has a little outfit with a big cat face on it that she'll wear. It's regular clothes, but as close to a costume as I wanted to deal with when she's too little to want to put up with the real thing. Depending on how chilly it gets, I'd like to sit outside as a family tonight and hand out candy. Steven and I carved our pumpkin last night after Felicity went to bed. We almost skipped this year; time just got away from us! But around 9pm (which is usually when we do an hour of "together time" anyway), I got emotional that how could we have carved pumpkins the last 3 years and not on Felicity's first Halloween!? So to the table we went for, as tradition holds, me to scrape/de-seed and Steven to carve. We didn't end up roasting pumpkin seeds this year because there was some green and water inside of our pumpkin (blech) so I wasn't sure if they were ok to eat. And Steven skipped his traditional (and impressive) Marvel carvings and did an old fashioned jackolantern face. It was fun! 

Back to my day. It's been a simple day, and so nice. In fact, both yesterday and today were great! Yesterday we went on a 2 hour play date with about 5 other moms at the play area of a local mall. It's made for crawlers/walkers, so it was perfect. The company was nice, Felicity napped on the way there and way home, and she had a blast. When we got home, she slept a bit more (!), and then we went on a walk with our neighbor. We walk probably 4-5 days a week, and I love it because it's exercise + company + time outside for my outdoor loving girl. When we got back, we ran and got traditional Halloween Krispy Kreme. Then the same neighbor dropped her 2 boys off (almost 3 and almost 1) so her and her hubby could go to dinner. You'd think going from 1 to 3 kids would be hard, and sometimes it is, but yesterday for about 45 minutes they all 3 played happily and I SAT ON THE COUCH. Since Felicity has been so clingy lately, I'm either on the floor with her, or on the couch with her whining/crying at my feet. So to just do my own thing while they all 3 played was amazing! And Felicity slept great because her friends wore her out. 

Today we started the day with our neighbor walk, then leisurely got ready, Felicity had a nap and I had coffee, and then ran to Target after lunch. We played a bit when we got back and now she's napping again. Technically this is her 3rd nap, as she was up at 5:30 am (cries) and we napped together in the best cuddle ever from 7:30-8:30 before our walk. I've gotten a lot done around the house, which is really not that easy for me most days, and the breeze of the windows open is glorious. 

Tomorrow may be rough, she may cry a lot, I may get nothing done.... but today... today I am living up the simple life :). 

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