Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Felicity Marian: 3 Months

Ahhhh, make time stop or at least slow down! How do I have a 3 month old already???

Weight: I really need a baby scale because the whole "weigh yourself, weigh with baby" thing doesn't work on our crappy home scale. But I'm guessing she's around 11 lbs.

Height: Well, measuring is not a one person job apparently. Maybe 23 inches?

Medical Issues: This month she seems to *knock on wood* be doing pretty well medically! Her tongue and lip have both reattached a little, but not badly enough that we need to get it redone...yet(?). Her hemangioma isn't growing anymore since we have been using the medicine, and, so far, she seems to be putting on weight pretty well.

Sleep: Where did my good sleeper go!?!?! For about the past week, she has been pretty hard to get to sleep, mostly at night but sometimes during the day, too. But we had 6 good weeks of her just laying down and going to sleep so I really can't complain. And luckily once she's asleep she's still sleeping pretty well and in long stretches... it's just GETTING her to sleep that's been difficult. We're working on figuring out what helps her, and I'm sure once we get that down, it will change ;).

Clothes/Diaper Size: She is completely in size 1 diapers, and only not able to wear her one size cloth because of her chicken legs. She is wearing a mix of newborn, 0-3, and 3 month clothes. Some of her 3 month stuff is still too big in the waist, but she's definitely getting long enough for them!

Likes: Nursing to sleep, being outside, playing on her play mat, when I make faces or talk in a high pitched voice to her, being in the ring sling, this musical teddy bear Steven's aunt and uncle got her which, by the way, it's fascinating to see her show preference/like a toy!

Dislikes: being in any carrier besides the ring sling, the first 15 seconds of a bath (lol), being in a reclined position if she's not sleepy, having her feet touched

Nicknames: Mu Mu, Moopy, Stinkaminka, Monkey, Bear... they continue to evolve

Milestones: She can roll from belly to back most of the time and is grabbing for/hitting toys. She also found her hands this month and is eating them almost constantly! 

I don't want to forget this!: Felicity has been much more interactive this month! It's been so much fun and so rewarding to watch her learn and change. I love watching her play. It's so refreshing after 2 months of just watching her... kind of lay there. She'll "talk" to her toys and go to town batting at them. I love being in a different room and hearing a toy rattle and knowing that she had to hit it for it to do that. This month, more than the past 2, I've had TONS of people come up to me when we're out and say that she is so beautiful or that she looks like a baby doll. Sometimes it's slightly annoying because it takes forever to get something done when I'm being stopped every 3 seconds lol. But I love how much everyone loves her :). Another favorite is about every 3 days or so she'll have 10 minute long 'conversations' with me. I'll talk and she'll coo back over and over!


  1. "being in a reclined position if she's not sleepy, having her feet touched" - I LOVE that I got to spend even that one day just hanging out with her and got to learn those two dislikes just from watching her while you'd pump. It makes me feel so much more bonded with my little niece. <3

  2. She is SUCH a beautiful baby!! No wonder everyone is stopping you :)

    We had the same problem with taking forever to get Anna to sleep the first time in the night, but she eventually figured it out! As all of us with young kids are learning - everything really does go super fast - even the (somewhat painful) stages you think will never end! I'm hoping I'll remember that more with baby #2 this fall...but I'm sure I'll still forget!

  3. Just wait...the conversations get even better (I'm posting about that tomorrow...Callan is just starting to talk!). And Felicity looks wonderful...I still can't get over how sweet her lips are. :)