Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Welcome to the Church, Felicity!

I know I've been awful about blogging but Felicity just does not understand the importance of my blog and therefore rarely lets me sit down to write ;).

On Divine Mercy Sunday, we welcomed Felicity into the Catholic church with our immediate family, Felicity's wonderful Godparents, and a few local, Catholic friends. I was stressed out as I tend to be at big events, but Felicity did wonderful. Well, until she cried the last 10 minutes of Mass, and when I finally decided to take her out, one of my friends had to come get me for the priest to do a blessing for me. Luckily, a change of pace was all she needed, and Felicity did ok the last few minutes. We stripped her down for the ride home, which was good since she had a poop-splosion in the carseat while Steven was trying to pack the car for lunch and I was trying to pump. Oh, Felicity! We made it to our own party only 30 minutes late and enjoyed a delicious barbecue and fried chicken lunch, with more left overs than we know what to do with! We watched the kids play in the grass and on the playground, and just hung out under the picnic shelter in the delightful spring weather.

But back to the main event! I didn't cry, which follows my not crying for other events that I thought I'd cry during: my wedding, Felicity's birth, and Felicity's baptism. I guess I'm just too focused in the moment! The priest was so sweet and LOVED her name; he must have used it 5 or more times throughout Mass... first and middle name! When we were near the font, Felicity kept stretching her arms up the air, showing off for the whole church to see. She didn't make a peep when Father poured cold water over her head! Steven filled a bottle with holy water from the font afterwards, which we'll keep and give her to bless herself with on her wedding day (or when she takes her vows? who knows!). She wore the gown I wore just about 28 yers ago, which was really special. And she was beautiful in it! We are so glad our baby girl is a member of the Catholic church! I'd like to be more introspective than this, but I'm pretty tired these days, so I'll let the pictures do the work :).


  1. Felicity looks like a little doll, what a beauty! I cannot imagine the joy watching your child get baptized, looked like a lovely day!

  2. I love that baptism dress! It is SO precious!!

  3. I love in the last photo she is like CAKE. True Miller/Cash girl :)