Sunday, April 20, 2014

Baby's First Big Holiday

Our Easter didn't quite turn out as planned. Steven worked from 8-6 yesterday, and I had grand plans of him coming home, us eating dinner, and then the 3 of us sitting around the table dying Easter eggs. Well, Felicity would just be in the infant chair watching us, but you get the idea. But my day had different plans. On Friday, my pump began acting up. By Saturday morning, I was having to really fiddle with it to get any suction. I began to panic because I knew if it totally died on Easter I would be S.O.L. Having low supply, I have to have a really effective pump, so my single electric and manual wouldn't be good to use more than 1-2 times in a row. I refuse to lose the little milk I do make! So I found a store that would rent the Medela Symphony by the week (enough time to get my Hygeia replaced by the company) and loaded Felicity into the car in the cool, rainy weather. And..... click, click, click. That's all my car would do. A battery issue, I hoped, but I was more concerned about getting the pump. I frantically talked to Steven who luckily has a boss who let him leave to go rent the pump. I made do with mine during the day. Steven ended up getting off about 40 minutes late, which I couldn't complain about since he left the store for probably just as long to go rent my pump in the middle of this shift. Then he still had to get groceries. And make the 30 minute drive home. And figure out what was going on with my car (battery that needed to be jumped by the pros because it was DEAD. DEAD. and replaced at Advance Auto Parts), and eat dinner. So by the time I got a very cranky baby to sleep, admittedly that was easy, and he finished all the above, we were left dying Easter eggs at 10pm. There was no baby at the table with us, so no sweet family photo op. Steven and I did have fun together, but it wasn't the experience I had imagined in my head with our new baby. Isn't that life, though? I sat thinking that I had better get used to this. I am so in love with a good photo op, but there will always be a car to break down, or someone will get sick, or an outfit will get pooped on, or we will run out of time. That's just life, and I need to learn to roll with it.

Steven has to work tonight, but I was determined that we'd have time to celebrate Easter as a family, so I'm running us ragged trying to make a memory before he goes to work. Sorry, dear. We decided to forgo the traditional lunch/dinner since he will be working and just enjoy a big breakfast. We rose at the crack of dawn to fit in feeding the baby and pumping with breakfast and baskets before 11:15 church, because we'd never be able to do all that and make it to 9:30 church! We had resurrection rolls (which have become a family tradition), bacon, our dyed eggs, and fruit. Each family member had to find their Easter basket a la the "hot cold" game, which is a Cash family tradition we started last year or the year before. Felicity was not exempt just because she's a baby! Speaking of, 2 months today!!!! But that will get its own post :). Besides candy, I got Steven a geeky Catholic book and the pope's encyclical on cd. He got me a holy water font for beside the front door and a holy water bottle so I can keep some of Felicity's baptism water. Felicity got a religious board book, a rattle, cd, and newborn sized baby legs. We had a lot of fun doing baskets!

She was supposed to wear the dress that I wore home from the hospital for Easter Mass but, believe it or not, my 8 week old is STILL too small to wear that! Isn't that crazy!? I tried to put it on her and the bloomers were totally falling off, as were the tights I bought at Target the other day. Luckily, her Godmother had just sent a dress in the mail that she made, so we quickly did a wardrobe change and took her to Mass where she got an A+!


  1. Make photo ops of those every day trials, too! These are the days that make you realize how tough and resourceful moms have to be. She is such a precious baby... I love her eyes! Easter blessings! Heather

  2. That dress is adorable. Our Easter plans got totally trashed as well, due to a sick kiddo. But all is well; He is risen!