Friday, April 4, 2014

7 Quick Takes- Back After Baby Edition

I got really bad about 7 quick takes towards the end of my pregnancy, and bad about blogging in general since Felicity has been here. I know, I know, priorities :P. I'm hoping that, since life is slightly less hectic, I can get back into it at least a little. I miss reading your blogs and writing my own!

Speaking of reading, one thing that sucks about bottle feeding (update on that coming in a take near you) is that it's a two handed job so I can't read. I always heard people talk about how much reading they got done while nursing and I was really looking forward to that! I need to carve out other times in my day to read, but it's just so much easier to do nothing or play on the computer. I should probably add that it's not possible to bottle feed one handed with the special needs feeder... it might be with a regular bottle!

So breastfeeding update. We took Felicity to Charlotte on Wednesday (which required waking up at 2:15 am to drive and get there for our 7:10 appointment!) and she got her lip and tongue tie lasered. I'm hoping this will be the final time!!! It was so much harder on me than the first time around even though there was way less blood and I didn't have to be the one to hold her down. I guess I'm more smitten and out of that post partum fog! Luckily she slept all the way there and most of the way back. We only had to stop once to comfort her.
Oh the update, yes. So we both have thrush which is super fun, but not uncommon, I know. Just ironic when she's latched on twice in the last two weeks :P. She wouldn't latch right after the procedure or yesterday, but did early this morning. We met with our IBCLC again yesterday who recommended doing suck training, offering the breast, and continuing use of the special needs feeder. She also corrected how we were using it and recommended that we do a few more visits with the chiropractor. So now a feed looks like: give nystatin for thrush, suck training, offer breast (almost always refuses because she's mad), give milk via SNF, offer breast. Then I pump at some point before the next feed. She's eating about every 2 hours when she's awake and won't take more than 2.5 oz, I'm guessing because her tummy is still small (she's just a little over 7 lbs at 6 weeks). However, last night she did sleep 6 hours straight, so that was awesome!
I feel really good and feel like I'm finally getting this motherhood thing down but I wonder when I'll feel like I can handle the house, too? For some reason I thought I'd have it mostly together by now. And it's kind of terrifying that I don't since she'll only sleep less and move more as she gets older. I'm doing fairly well keeping up with laundry and basic tidying, but I still need Steven's help to get dinner on the table (or, erm, out of the fast food bag) and with cleaning the house. I'm ready to just be at a point where I can handle it all better!

Less words, more pictures, amiright!?

I saved the best for last. Guess who I met at Ignited by Truth last week!?!?! She told me the quick takes police were going to come after me, so I figured I should participate this week :).

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  1. I know it won’t be much comfort to you, but with my first, it took me about 6 months to get a handle on mothering, housekeeping, etc. It takes the first 6-8 weeks just to get a routine going with a new baby and fully recover yourself. That’s 2 months gone. And the routine will change as she grows, so you do need to keep adjusting yourself. Don’t be so hard on yourself. It will take time.

    Also, while I will say that after baby #3, adjusting to another baby, housekeeping, etc. gets much easier (after my 5th I was back to homeschooling a week after giving birth - not a csection), those first 2 months are an adjustment “survivial” period for every single newborn whether it is #1 or #6. So cut yourself some slack. You’re doing awesome! :)

  2. #6: EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!! Cutie pie!

  3. Hang in there, all of you! You will get it figured out, and then something will change, and then you have to figure it out again. Wash, rise, repeat. I am super impressed with all the efforts you are making with breastfeeding. Give yourself some slack on everything else! And how cool is it that you met Jennifer?!? I am hoping to meet her this summer at Edel.

  4. She is so, so adorable! And DON'T WORRY about the long as you're all dressed and fed, you're doing good. You have more to deal with with feeding than most moms do, and you're doing great and staying so positive! Blessings!
    P.S. I think it took me like 8 months to feel like I had the house back under control...and 1 year to really start meal planning again. :)