Sunday, February 9, 2014

The Nursery

For all of you who are friends with me on facebook, you've seen this already so you can feel free to scroll along :). But I wanted to share the nursery with the rest of my readers, and just because I love it so much and want to talk about it. I think my favorite thing about the nursery is how naturally it came together. I didn't slave over pinterest, wrack my brains for ideas, or stress about colors. We picked the wall color when we bought the house as we just loved it for a future nursery color (it is softer and less olivey than it looks in the picture). Then I won the rug on Camp Patton and it was perfect in there (tried it in the living room first). When we got matching dresser hand me downs, we put my old dresser (which is also my Grandma Miller's dresser) in the nursery. It was yellow at the time. Once we found out we were pregnant, my parents offered me my Grandma Miller's rocking chair, which was technically white but was actually sort of yellow. And then my mom gave me her little chair that she had as a child, that we all used as children, which was red. So we started painting, which was really the only non-enjoyable part of the whole nursery. We didn't have a lot of room to spread out, couldn't paint many surfaces at a time so there wouldn't be drips, and had to use a LOT of coats. Once that was done, it was fun again! We bought the crib and tall white shelving system from Ikea. I love the simpleness of the crib! I originally was looking at one of those more rounded, ornate style cribs from Target, but this one just felt so much more right! I love that there aren't bars on the ends. We also got the spice racks from Ikea which we painted (note to readers: SPRAY PAINT THEM... take it from me, do not use regular paint) and hung under the window for easy book access for baby. We bought 5 and only hung those 2, but I think we might use one as an actual spice rack in the kitchen, and at least one for books in our room since I'm sure we'll do a lot of reading in there, too. Then after our first shower, we quickly realized we were running out of places to put things (haha!) and bought the cube system from Target. I love it because we have books in 3 cubes (with room to grow!) and I use the baskets for storage of sheets, waterproof pads, etc in the other cubes.

You can't see the wall hangings easily but I got a print of a bear sitting on a stack of books for over the cube, and two bears sitting with the words "Dream Big" for over the crib, both on Etsy. I got a child's cross with prayer at the Catholic store for over the crib as well. There is a beautiful (also Etsy) print of Joseph and Mary looking at the newborn Jesus over the rocking chair, and I have one frame left with 4 4x6 spots that I'm going to put an ultrasound, 2 maternity photos, and a newborn photo in eventually for over the Ikea shelving unit. 

 I love that our room is simple, soft, and has a mix of new and old. I especially love the history and love in the dresser, rocker, and baby chair! I know our baby won't sleep in there for quite some time, but I can't wait to sit in there and play or go in to get the baby dressed or pick out a book to read. I go in there now and just sit in the rocker, and Penny gets active EVERY time! Buttercup spends about 8 hours a day in the rocker, so she's a big fan, too. We have really loved getting the nursery decorated and organized in preparation for Baby Cash! 

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