Friday, February 14, 2014

Dear Penny: Letters to Our Child #25 and 26

Here is a two-fer so I am officially caught up just in time, haha! Check out the "Dear Baby Series" tag for the rest! 

Dear Penny, 1/17/14

We just had our last prenatal appointment with our doula and I am SO, SO excited to have you! I have read some really scary things about inductions and the medications we’ll be using and basically just EVERYthing. I have always felt like I honestly don’t fear labor and birth, until I knew I needed to be induced, and then it all got scary. But talking with her, I feel a huge weight lifted. She is going to be an incredible asset to our birth team and to getting you here! She has a whole bag of tricks that will help ease my labor, and it certainly has helped to ease my fears. Daddy is super glad that I won’t be depending totally on him since inductions can be slooooooooooow. We picked so good because her personality resonates with us perfectly. She is resourceful, calm, comforting, and is sooo excited about you! Penny, I just feel so good and I am going to STOP reading the internet, read my baby books, and continue getting ready for you.

7 weeks!



Dear Penny,                                                                               2/13/14

Oh baby, what a week it has been! This is mommy's last week of work and it has been crazy! We got more snow yesterday than I've probably ever seen, so I was home all day. We are getting more today, so I am home today. And your normal Thursday check up was moved to tomorrow afternoon, so somehow I have to cram everything left to do into a few hours tomorrow morning before the appointment, because tomorrow is my LAST DAY! Let's go back to yesterday, though. Daddy had to be to work at 6:30, and I made him pack a bag just in case. Good thing, because it was clear by 1:45 pm that he was NOT going to be able to make it home. His work put him in a hotel last night and I could only think two things... 1) please, Penny, do NOT come tonight and 2) power, stay on!!! Luckily, both cooperated. Remind me to thank you for that later :). I was imagining giving birth in the back of an ambulance without daddy, and it was not a comforting thought! So ironic that we've never had weather like this, but it would happen when I'm 37 weeks pregnant and Daddy is stuck 30 minutes away! But I counted our blessings, because I know there are people in bad situations, stuck in cars for hours, people who can't get their medicines, and I'm sure many other situations, and really, ours was not that bad (well, since you didn't come!). Stay put another night, ok? The roads will refreeze tonight so hang in there! And tomorrow Daddy and I are going to go on a nice date to celebrate being done with shots (62nd and final one was Tuesday!!!), being done with work, and Saint Valentine's Day, our last nice date pre-baby!!!, so if you want to let us enjoy that, we won't complain either. 

I cannot believe we will meet you in two short weeks or less! I have a bunch of things on my to do list for next week but I am ready for you if you want to come. I can't wait for you to see your room, your house, your family, your kitty. I can't wait to see your little lips and nose, and smell your little head. Love you so much and can't wait to meet the little person who has been kicking and wiggling hands and fingers all these months!!!!


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