Sunday, February 2, 2014

Dear Penny: Letters to our Child #24

Trying to catch up for real this time since we are only 3.5 weeks from birth! As always, check out the "Dear Baby Series" label if you want to see previous letters! 

Dear Penny, 1/9/2014

You know what no one ever really tells you about baby movements in pregnancy? That they are SO AWESOME. Bizarrely awesome. I think I have talked about it a lot in these letters, but I can’t get over the fact that now I can tell what body parts are thumping around inside of me. As I type this, you are putting your bottom up against my ribs and wiggling your hand down low. It’s so cool to feel you both at the top and the bottom now instead of just one or the other. Yesterday I could feel you on both sides of my stomach and I actually couldn’t tell what you were doing because the movements were perfectly in sync with each other! Hiccups are another cool thing. I always kind of wondered if I would know the difference, but it’s pretty obvious. You get them at least once a day most days. It’s this little rhythmic thump down low (which always reassures me that you’re still head down!) that can’t be felt from the outside, usually. It’s so surreal to be sitting there at work and realize my little baby has the hiccups. Of course I know you’re a person, but sometimes it just strikes me so much. A little person growing in there! Wiggling around! I see pictures of this sweet baby son of a blogger who was born around 27 weeks and, now at 32 weeks, I think “oh my gosh, you LOOK LIKE A BABY!”. Of course you do, since you ARE, but it just gets me choked up every time! Then I start wondering whose features you have and what you look like. Keep wiggling, baby. Mommy feels so super close to you when you do it. Call me crazy and hormonal, but I’m already a little sad about you being on the outside… as excited as I am about it! I’ll never have you as close to me as you are now!


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