Thursday, February 13, 2014

Celebrating Without Food

Is that the most depressing blog title, or what? I had a revelation the other day. We celebrate with food ALL THE TIME. Seriously. Every little thing we celebrate, we celebrate with food. And in a family with a lot of celebrations (I am a bit sentimental, I guess) that turns out to be a bad thing. The latest example was..... finishing my last progesterone shot for this pregnancy!!!!!!!!

Side note.
Steven asked at one point if I was excited to have only a few shots left.
Me: Yes!!!
Steven: Well at least for 10 weeks.
Me: .... *wracking brain*... 10 weeks?
Steven: Well, 6 weeks after the baby is here you could be pregnant again.
Me: *scrambling to find email address of our NFP instructor*

Bahahaha, I love him, and I love that he is super open to whatever our family size will be but I not so calmly informed him that you do NOT talk about getting pregnant again right away to your super pregnant wife who can barely move without getting winded. And who took shots in the butt the entire pregnancy. And who will need to heal. Love him.

Back to the original message. So I reached out to my beloved Cathsorority girls for some non-food related ways to celebrate. Because, like I said, we celebrate a lot- things like little anniversaries (first time we talked, met, etc), last days of work, making it through a rough time, you name the excuse and I've got the celebration planned! I also needed affordable options because we are frugal AND even more so now that we're going to be down to one income. Without further ado, here are some of the ideas I got from them and a few I came up with.... many of which we already do but I wasn't giving credit to them to use as 'celebrations' even though they totally fit!

Cathsorority Hive Mind Food-Free Celebration Ideas
  • A movie (for us, at the 2nd run theater)
  • Renting a movie from Redbox for a date night in
  • Going for a walk on a nice day... Steven might not appreciate this one too much, though ;)
  • Going out for coffee
  • Play a board game
  • Go to a local high school sporting event
  • Go to a cheap, local music performance
  • Check out a park we haven't been to before
  • Try a new recipe (food related BUT if it's not a dessert it's way easier for me to make it healthy so it's not a bad thing)
Add to the list in the comments! 

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