Monday, February 10, 2014

Baby Love at Work

I officially have a week left of work. People keep asking me how I feel about that and my answer is the same every time, even if I feel a bit bad about saying it: "Excited!". I'm not excited to leave my coworkers and I'm not excited to leave the people I've served for the last 4.5 years. But I am so beyond excited that this means it is BABY TIME!!! I'm excited to relax a little until the baby comes, since getting ready for work requires multiple rest breaks (this morning girl is the most exhausted in the morning, ironically!). I'm excited to prop myself on the couch when something starts hurting instead of just having to keep doing whatever I'm doing in the office. I'm excited to have the energy to nest instead of working all day and coming home stressed about what I want to get done but don't have the energy for or hurt too much to do (not that it has stopped me... it has just made me MORE exhausted!). I'm excited to spend my days with most of my focus on taking care of my family after we get all settled and used to life. And I'm excited, so incredibly excited, to have 2 days together with my husband every week (he works weekends currently) for the first time in our marriage. So my excitement is less about not working and more about self care while I finish out pregnancy, and what's coming very soon! I don't think it will probably hit me that I'm not going back to work until well after the baby is born when life just feels "normal" and I'm like "oh hmmm.... but I don't go into the office anymore". Except, I will take lots of field trips there to show off the baby :).

I have big plans for my short time between work ending (the 14th) and my probable induction (not officially set, but on or around 2/26). I have a yet to be set coffee date with a friend, a girls' night out dinner on the 20th, and a mani pedi with a friend on the 21st. And while I am excited about all those things and definitely want to do them, I would not complain if Penny comes that week because it would mean no induction :). If Penny doesn't come until the next week, I'm glad to have some plans to get me out of the house a few times because I have no clue how I will feel emotionally and Steven works minimum 10 hour days! 

My coworkers threw me 2 sweet showers this week, 2 days in a row. I had been sleeping so poorly for many nights but the last 2 I got good sleep, finally!, and I'm sure it was due to exhaustion of having a blast :). We had a unit meeting Thursday, which we have 4 times a year and is composed of people in our unit who work in a certain area of the state. We see each other maybe 5-6 times a year between our unit meetings and the statewide meetings, so I was incredibly touched when they put together a whole shower complete with presents, food, and cake for me. I know I've said this before, but I have seen so much goodness in people during this pregnancy and it has really inspired me to up my game. People are so good and kind! 

Then this morning my office had our staff meeting. Which was funny because I had an email confirmation that it was 2/14 and someone mentioned yesterday that it was today. Good thing because I could have missed or been late to my own shower! I walked in to tables decorated with presents, paper goods and favors, and presents. They invited 3 of my coworkers from our parent chapter, and I was touched that they came (again, people I don't work with or see nearly as often as my office coworkers). We sat around gabbing, advice was given, and presents were opened. It was so much fun! 

One of my favorite parts? I got to come home and order leftover stuff off my Target registries with the 10% discount card and gift cards since showers are officially done! 

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