Thursday, January 9, 2014

Throwback Thursday #2

Thursday almost got away from me! I thought this week would drag since I'm on the 6 week countdown til my last day at work + first full week back after almost 2 weeks off, but it flew. So here I am with another memory :).

I may be the snuggliest person in the world. I would welcome a challenge to that title because it would mean MORE SNUGGLES. It's probably no surprise that my love language is physical touch. I spent my entire childhood plastered up against my mom on the couch in the evening, and begging to sleep with her when my dad was out of town (she conceded most of the time, even though she couldn't sleep for crap with my flailing). I don't like to touch/be touched by strangers, but I loooove to cuddle people I love! I have a friend who still puts a pillow between us any time we sleep in a bed together lol. Luckily for my friends and family, Steven is a superb cuddler and really enjoys it, so everyone else has been relieved of their duties.

I hope this doesn't embarrass you Jenny :), but here's today's throwback memory! It's not one specific memory, but a memory that covers a span of many years. Jennifer and I met in the 9th grade and became super, super fast friends at some point between 10th and 11th grade. She is snuggly as well, and we sleepovers cuddled up watching movies, drinking mello yello ice cream floats. Obviously we didn't cuddle quite the way I do with Steven... but for a platonic cuddle, I could always count on her! We slept over at each other's houses ALL the time.  I'm sure she preferred her queen size bed to my twin bed, but luckily she loved me enough that she didn't judge my tiny bed lol.

Boy, that was a RED bedroom. Circa 2003.

We went to the same college the first year, but not the rest of them. So we'd road trip for the weekend to see each other and make a nest in the dorm twin XL bed. Jennifer had the best nest ever because she had like 87 pillows and 14 egg crates. It was plush cuddly heaven! Once she had her little boy in 2008, she let me have total access to baby snuggles. THE BEST KIND! I'd come stay with her on the weekends when her husband was out of state for national guard training and snuggle Ryan at all hours! Call me crazy, but I'd even give him his middle of the night bottle sometimes because he was so deliciously snuggly! The apple doesn't fall far from the tree, I guess. I will officially embarrass Jenny now as I share that we still refer to each other by our high school nickname, "Spooner". 

Baby cuddles on the beach. Spring break 2008.

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  1. This TOTALLY reminded me of our first trip to Raleigh when you and Jillian got a room with a king (or was it queen) size bed and I was all like.....uuuuummmmm (and the door slammed in my face! bahahahaa!!! I love this TBT series! ;)