Thursday, January 30, 2014

Dear Penny: Letters to Our Child #23

Face it, folks. This has officially become a mommy blog :P. Actually, you probably figured that out many months ago and it's me who is just beginning to accept it. I love writing about this little baby! As always, check out the Dear Baby series label to see previous letters!

Dear Penny, 1/1/2014

I have so much to say! First of all, happy 31 weeks today AND happy year of your birth!!!! I can’t believe how fast this pregnancy has continued to go. I am so, so excited for you to get here! Daddy and I have been working on simple ways to enjoy our last weeks as ‘just us’. Luckily, we are pretty simple people and most things we are doing, we could technically do fairly easily with you… just with the extra work of getting in and out of the house with a baby. We’re doing some dinners out, going for walks, having quiet evenings at home together, cuddling lots, and I’m lounging a lot but daddy has been SO busy with work. What a big change we are in for! The closer it gets, the more ‘real’ it gets. It’s scary and exciting all at the same time! Everything changes when you have a baby, but then I thought the other night about how everything changes when you get married, too, and it has been a wonderful adventure just as I know you will be! I can’t wait to hold you in my arms and stare into your little eyes.

What makes this month even crazier is that we found out at our appointment Monday that you will be a FEBRUARY baby! That just blows my mind. With a ⅗ due date, of course it was always possible, but since 1st babies are usually late, I just had March stuck in my mind. Since my blood pressure continues to be crazy, even with double doses of medications and changing medications (and the brewer’s diet!), it’s just not safe for you to stay in there much past 38-39 weeks. When the doctor first briefly mentioned induction at 27 weeks, I was so set against it. I know I’m more likely to have a csection, a harder labor, all that not fun stuff that I don’t want. But the more I researched, the more I have found that all medical research backs up what my doctor is saying. The risk of placental abruption is very real for me and being that quite a percentage of those can happen with no symptoms, I’m not going to mess with it. Especially since we can’t get a handle on my blood pressure (I might feel differently if it was well controlled). After daddy and I researched and talked, we felt so much more at peace with what the doctor was saying. I still don’t *like* it, but I do believe it’s in your best interest. I think I’m mostly at peace with the decision because I came to agree with it through tons of research, and don’t feel I was just pushed into it by the doctor. Now I’m even happier that we decided to hire a doula to help us through birth! So long story short, I’m still in shock about and absorbing the fact that your birthday is NEXT MONTH!

You have been super, super active lately. I’m pretty sure you’re posterior, which makes sense I guess since my placenta is anterior, and I’m hoping that changes before or during labor! I’ve been pouring over spinning babies and still going for weekly chiropractic adjustments so hopefully that’s helping some. I’m not sure if it’s your feet or rump, but you are always pushing so hard on my right ribcage! Sometimes I swear you are trying to get out by way of ribs. If I slouch, you get upset and I have to sit straight back up again. I can feel your hands really low down on the right side, which always amazes me. It seems like your tiny hands would be too small to feel through the uterus but nope, they are wiggly so often! Sometimes I can feel your whole head move from the right side of my stomach to over near and below my belly button. I’ll put daddy’s hand on a really hard spot on my stomach, and then you’ll disappear! We love your gymnastics :).

From here on out, I see the doctor weekly. And starting the 16th, I have an ultrasound (non stress test and biophysical profile) EVERY WEEK until you come! It’s going to be hard to balance with work and I wish I could just quit early but I have too many loose ends to tie up before 2/14 as it is. Obviously if I need to stop for your health I will, but otherwise I’m going to push through these last 6 weeks. Since you are coming in a maximum of 8 weeks, I won’t have much time in between work and baby time, but that’s ok. I know plenty of people work right up until their birth. Speaking of which, my last progesterone injection is at 36w6d (14 left!!!!) so if you want to come after that and before the induction, you’re welcome to! Obviously I want you to grow healthy and strong, but I would not mind in the least if you came on your own!

Love you so much and I think about you ALL the time as we prepare the house, our minds, and our hearts for you.

Love, Mommy

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