Monday, January 13, 2014

Dear Penny: Letters to our Child #22

I am soooo close to being caught up to 'real time' on my letters to Penny! To read the rest, click on the "Dear Baby Series" tag!

Dear Baby Penny, 12/16/2013

We had such a wonderful weekend celebrating YOU! Our shower was at Fuddrucker’s in their party room. It was the perfect location for a couples’ shower with burgers and fries. Mom, Rachel, and Jen organized and set up everything (with help from the spouses and kids of course ;) ) and there were so many special touches! The cake was pink, blue, and white with “Penny” written on it in yellow, and each family from my family made a build-a-bear teddy bear personalized just for you! They said that any time you start missing them, you can go hug your bear <3. Mom and Dad made Bearemy, Rachel and Nicole made Peso, and Adam, Jen, Kaitie, and Dylan made Miles (as in many miles between our houses). We got some great gifts… a LOT of them. You are so loved, spoiled, and taken care of already. We had so much fun catching up with friends and seeing their babies and children. Jennifer’s son Ryan said that, if you’re a girl, you should be named Rainbow… but not if you’re a boy, he said, because that would be silly ;).

We ate, talked, opened presents, had cake, talked more, and stayed until the reservation time on the room was up. It was a cold, rainy, nasty day, but I barely noticed because I was surrounded by so much love and happiness. Daddy and I have said many times in the past 2 days how fortunate we are. And how fortunate YOU are. You are loved so much by so many already!

Saturday night we had a cookout at gammy and gampy’s house. Yes, more food! Gampy’s good friend Jay, who had come to the shower, came to the house, too. With all the Christmas decorations and the whole family there, it really did feel like Christmas! It was loud, overwhelming, and so much fun. We had chicken, steaks, fries, and salad and all just sat around talking and laughing. Daddy and I went through the cards and gifts again, this time a little more slowly since there were less eyes on us ;).

On Friday night, you let Gampy and Gammy both feel you kick and Aunt Rachel felt you on Saturday morning, but you would not kick for Aunt Jen or Uncle Adam on Saturday night! You’d kick me once and then stop as soon as they put their hand on my stomach. But after everyone left Saturday night and Daddy and I got in bed, I felt some pressure, so I put my hand on my lower stomach and felt your entire head move from one place to another! It was so bizarre and cool. It was the first time I KNEW the body part that was moving and I’ve never felt your head actually move (usually I just feel the pressure). Then you gave Daddy some good kicks while his hand was on my side. Sunday on the ride home you were soooo wiggly. Usually the car puts you to sleep, but you kicked and wiggled from sun up to sun down. I loved it!

We, and so many people!, love you baby Penny. Don’t ever forget that. Read these letters when you are down and see just how much you are loved before you even entered this world!

Love, Mommy

Best family a girl could ask for! Notice my mom (and dad!) wore Penny shirts :)!

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