Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Dear Penny: Letters to our Child #21

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Dear Baby Penny, 12/05/2013

Today we got to see you again on ultrasound to make sure you are growing ok. You are in the 53rd percentile which makes you average. I was so happy to hear my baby is average!!! :) The ultrasound tech said that you were showing your private parts all over the place today! When she tried to measure your spine, you stuck your hand right behind your back so she couldn’t get the measurement. Then you put your hand in front of your face when we were looking at you. I think you were saying, “let me nap!!”. The doctor brought up induction today, which I’ve been dreading. He says that he will induce at 39 or 40 weeks due to chronic hypertension, even if all the tests look good at that point. Mommy and Daddy have some research to do. I really don’t want to be induced, but I also don’t want to jeopardize your health, so we need to educate ourselves before we talk to our doctor about it again. Being a parent is hard already! I will stop taking progesterone at 37 weeks and my levels are in low zone 2 right now, so you might come early anyway and avoid the need for an induction… I just want you to get here in the healthiest way possible!

We went to the hospital to get the rhogam shot and a super friendly nurse, Rhonda, gave us a tour of labor and delivery. The rooms are nice sized and there are 6 of them, and 12 post partum rooms. They have things like rockers, birth balls, and cd players to help in labor. She said our doctor prefers to have the mom’s legs held when she’s pushing instead of using stirrups, which I was glad to hear! She also said he puts the baby right on mom’s chest after birth. I am so, so excited for that moment! She seemed very supportive of our desires for a natural childbirth if at all possible and was excited for us that we have a doula. I felt so much better after meeting the nurses because they are who we’ll be spending the majority of the time with!

We love you so much, baby, and think and talk about you all the time. You kick me like crazy these days (my kick count app estimates over 700 times a day!) and I just love it, even the uncomfortable kicks! You are head down… let’s stay that way :).



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