Saturday, January 4, 2014

Dear Penny: Letters to our Child #20

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Dear Penny, 11/13/2013

I know I said 22 weeks might be my favorite ever, but that was before I knew you’d celebrate 23 weeks by kicking daddy! Your kicks were particularly intense, so I held his hand over my lower stomach and a couple kicks in he said “yes!!!” and his jaw dropped. It was awesome! To him it just felt like a little butterfly kick and to me it felt like a giant thump! He felt you one other night after that, but then you played hard to get when we visited Gammy last weekend and you wouldn’t let her feel you. Then again last night, you started the big kicks and daddy felt a BIG one! You will sometimes kick for up to 20 minutes at a time. It’s uncomfortable and bizarre, but the best thing ever! You kicked so much at the movies last night that I moved my popcorn away from my stomach just in case. Then again at bed time. Daddy says you’re going to be a night owl, which would figure since mommy is an early bird ;).

Guess what today is? 24 weeks… you have the possibility of surviving outside the womb! Obviously we want you to stay in there as long as possible, but we both feel a little relieved having reached this mark in our pregnancy. We are going to celebrate by putting your crib together and then going to Outback for dinner (normally out of our price range!). We ate there to celebrate finding out about you, and I’ve been talking about the chicken and ribs ever since- you are SUCH a meat eater!- so we thought it would be an appropriate way to celebrate this special day.

Speaking of the crib, the nursery is coming together so beautifully. The furniture is finally, FINALLY all painted white and we’re starting to organize all the goodies that we’ve bought and that other people have bought for you. We didn’t love painting, but we have a blast sitting in there going through your clothes and rearranging things, getting all ready for you. You should have seen me when Gammy and Gampy got us the stroller and carseat… I had so much fun messing with them and it made me SO excited to have you in it!

Daddy is reading you the same book before bed every night so hopefully you’ll know his voice pretty well when you’re born. Mommy usually talks to you during the day when you start getting feisty, but you hear me talk enough as it is ;).

Love you baby!



  1. Girl...our babies are basically twins. Ours kicked Steven for the first time at 23 weeks and we celebrated with Outback! (Steven even had the chicken and ribs! I went for steak.) And our nursery furniture is also white. If you have a boy I'm setting them up on a date when they're 20!

    Love reading these and can't wait to see her/him next month! :)

    1. Haha, one of us needs to roadtrip to the other for a massive playdate!

  2. Yay for making it to 24 weeks! That is so, so sweet that Steven is reading the baby the same book every night! :)