Friday, January 17, 2014

7 Quick Takes

--- 1 ---
Steven and I put so much brown sugar in steel cut oats that I think it may outweigh the health benefits of the oats themselves :P. I actually prefer old fashioned oats, but man, throw some whole milk, brown sugar, and a banana and/or pumpkin puree in the bowl and, YUM, you've got yourself a filling and tasty breakfast! We discovered a whole container of steel cut oats in the back of the pantry that expires at the end of this month, so it's been a daily breakfast for us as we try to use them up. Since oatmeal lasts a LONG time, your guess is as good as mine about how long it was sitting in there! I am missing my pb/banana/chocolate/yogurt/milk smoothies!

--- 2 ---
I'd like to say that we're spending our MLK day volunteering buuuuuut that's not exactly what we have planned (though props to all of you who are!!!!). First, we're going to sleep in as it'll be Steven's first day off in over 7 days! Then that afternoon we have maternity pictures!!! Eeek! I went back and forth for about 2 months on whether or not I wanted to get them done. I have lots of pictures of me, but I mainly was afraid I'd regret not having more pictures of Steven with me. Or rather, with my belly! So we decided to do it, and I picked the arboretum which is where we did our engagement photos. Can't wait to see them! 

--- 3 ---
I had my first weekly non stress test and biophysical profile yesterday. Depsite almost having a throw up/pass out moment on the table, the bpp went very well. Note to self: do not lay flat next week. Baby was estimated to be 4 lb 7 oz and has HAIR! :) She couldn't get a good face picture because someone stubborn had both arms in front of his or her face. The nst also went well, except that the baby got hiccups during it and I wasn't sure if I was supposed to press the button or not! You press it for movement, and technically I feel the hiccups. Anyway, baby passed so I guess it was moot. See you again next week, baby!

--- 4 ---
Tonight we meet with our doula again and I'm SO excited. I have lots to pick her brain about, plus I want her to look over our birth preferences before I give them to my doctor. I am entirely too skilled in making 'plans' that don't pan out in life to call it a birth plan ;). 

--- 5 ---
This weekend (well, the Saturday/Sunday part of it) I have approximately no plans. There is a kids/maternity consignment shop not too far that's having an awesome sale, so I might check that out but.... I might enjoy my remaining weeks of being a blob on the couch :). Annnnnd catch up on my baby/nursing reading!

--- 6 ---
A little deep, and a major switch in topics, but one of the most liberating things I learned over this past year, or at least, really came to understand and put into practice is this: God is outside of time. I knew that He was, but I guess I never thought about it practically. In a Catholic group I'm in online where we often pray for each other, I would see people say something like "oh no! I missed this prayer request, but I'll pray now because God is outside of time". And at first I thought it was kind of.... a cop out? Cheesy? I don't know. But then I thought what an amazing gift that He IS outside of time so our prayers 'count' no matter what. Love it!

 --- 7 ---
Friday question (haven't had one of those in a while!) What's a good background show on Netflix? For example, I most recently watched whatever the Cake Boss competition show is... The Next Great Baker maybe? I liked it because I could do other things and it didn't matter if I missed a detail here or there. I'm looking for shows like that when I'm home by myself on the weekend, it's just a bit too quiet, but I don't want to just sit and watch tv. Ideas?

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  1. I think "What Not to Wear" counts as a good background show. I also like having things I've seen before on as background shows, for times when I'm doing something that needs a bit of my attention, but not much (like folding laundry). For me, Star Trek (in its endless varieties) fits that bill.

  2. I recommend any of those TLC shows; Say Yes to the Dress, or What Not to Wear, or the Duggars...I love watching that stuff while working in the kitchen. :)