Friday, January 3, 2014

7 Quick Takes After a Hiatus

I haven't been feeling the 7 Quick Takes love lately (read: I get so busy and then it's Thursday night and I don't know what to say, so I just don't!) but this week I felt inspired. Probably because of a 2 day work week that left me more relaxed and less crazy than normal!

--- 1 ---
Let me say this. I could really, really get used to a 2 day work week. Delightful! Glorious! But in just 6 weeks, I'll go to a 0 day work week, or a 7 day work week depending on how you look at it. That's right; I turned in my letter of resignation today and my last day will be February 14th. Our dinner that night will be celebratory in many ways! I will miss my job and my coworkers, but I'm soooo excited for the next chapter. Call me crazy, but I had fun taking care of the house over Christmas break. My fear was laundry. I don't do laundry; Steven does. But since he still had 50+ hours weeks, I bit the bullet. And I DIDN'T DIE. It actually felt really nice to be productive. I'm sure that'll pass, but it was a good feeling.

--- 2 ---
So for New Year's Eve, we had ice cream sundaes around 11:30 or so. Earlier that day, I went to the grocery store looking for the most 'real' sauce topping I could find, and would you believe that Magic Shell is way more real than Hershey's syrup, Smuckers, etc? It blew me away! I would have guessed that Magic Shell would be more chemically. But since it wasn't, we had fudge tracks with magic shell, sprinkles, and whipped cream. Yum! I need my calcium, dontcha know.

Our after midnight family photo!

--- 3 ---
I've been doing the Brewer's Diet (which so far has not helped but hey, I'm trying!) and I've really been struggling to get all the food in. It is a LOT of food, even for this ever hungry girl. I read a thing a few days ago that said if you're struggling, eat hourly. I have done that the past 2 days and it can be kind of hard at work, but it is helping a lot! The only thing I can't do is the recommended middle of the night snack because of my thyroid medication. I have to take it an hour before food, but like 3 hours before calcium. I have a smoothie every morning so I just take it at like 2 or 3am when I get up to use the bathroom. So I can't have a middle of the night snack or I'd throw that off, but I'd probably be too lazy to go into the kitchen at that hour anyway. So anyway, if you see me eating hourly, don't judge :P.

--- 4 ---
Steven and I are going to have a whole fun weekend. Saturday we get to SLEEP IN TOGETHER (which happens maybe once every 3-4 months? Seriously.). Then we have our birth class that whole day. Sunday we have Mass, a Christmas cantata at 2, and baptism class at 6. Sometime in there we'll undecorate. A tiny bit early, I know, but I'm afraid we won't have time next week.

--- 5 ---
Another reason we're undecorating is because we are those white trash neighbors. Part of our outdoor lights went out and we haven't fixed it. People don't get why our lights are still up AND they're messed up? Yep, we're those neighbors. I'm sure there will be a collective sigh of relief when our house stops partially lighting up at night. 

--- 6 ---
Someone else is ready for Christmas decorations to be put up. We made a gingerbread house earlier this week and I caught the cat trying to eat it yesterday. And I thought I had a sweet tooth! 

 --- 7 ---
You know what cracks me up? I've been watching What Not to Wear on Netflix as a background type show and Steven LOVES IT. I love that he loves it because we don't really watch tv together, and sometimes it's nice to just put a show on and kick our feet up, but it's also hilarious to watch with him because he finds it so entertaining! 

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  1. You can make your own magic shell really easily - it's just melted chocolate chips and coconut oil. Hardens just as well as the store bought and tastes delicious!

  2. Happy New Year! We definitely should have added ice cream to our NYE plans! Magic Shell makes everything wonderful!

    We're the trashy neighbors too. Some of our lights went out (a couple of weeks ago) but it's just too cold to take them do. We should really just unplug them because they look bad. Maybe we'll get them down by the end of the month...

    1. Trashy unite! I told Steven would should just unplug them, but then neither of us wants to walk out in the cold to do it since we forget until they come on the next night (on a timer).

  3. I need to google that diet, never heard of it. Congrats on turning in your resignation letter, that's the hardest part! and "sleeping in"...what's that?

    1. It's for high blood pressure; super high protein "diet".

      What's ironic is that I generally don't sleep in later than I'd get up for work anyway, but what I mean by sleeping in is a morning where neither of us has to be up and out for work. Since I work weekdays and Steven usually works weekends, we almost never wake up together!

  4. My husband watched What Not To Wear with me once and got so annoyed because Stacy and Clinton kept telling people what didn't look good on them. He thought they were being mean! But I really enjoy makeover shows, too. So fun.

  5. Oooh we love Magic Shell topping...andother great is Sander's hot fudge, but it is only a MI product, I think you can find it online, but wow-o-wow, so good!!!

  6. I hear you on the quick takes; I try, but it's hard sometimes to come up with things.
    And no judging for a pregnant woman...none at all! :)