Monday, January 27, 2014

2014 Projects

Is it ambitious for me to have any other goals for 2014 besides keeping another human being alive? Probably so, but these can always be moved to 2015 if necessary. I find I do better with some long term goals and with having lists, even if I don't accomplish much. It helps to focus me or, after a bout of chaotic-ness, it helps to refocus me. So I began thinking about what things have been neglected over the past year or two, and what things I might have a little extra time to work on once my job is primarily in the home. A lot of times when I'm home on the weekend now, I make a list of things that needs to be done and then I choose a few things to accomplish. The rest on the list either don't happen or happen some other time. It works for me! It means I'm productive and feel good, but balanced with some relaxy time. So note that while none of these will probably get done in the near future, as before baby we're getting ready for baby and post baby we'll be getting used to baby, I'll have this to dig back up one day (hopefully) later in the year when I'm itching for a project. Getting out of the house for walks and errands help me when I'm cabin fevery, but I've noticed that projects in the house accomplish the same thing, which will be important when I have a napping baby! 

2014-2015 Goals

Finish wedding scrapbooks (ahem... so far I have scrapbooked the morning of. Still to scrapbook: the actual wedding, reception, and honeymoon)

Make online photo book of pregnancy announcement, monthly pics, both showers, and maternity photos with one of the Shutterfly coupons I have

Make and send birth announcements

Clean baseboards and woodwork

Touch up paint on walls and furniture

Clean out and organize closets

Clean out and organize cupboards

Weed gardens... repeatedly

Get estimates for fence for backyard

Get Steven to stain the deck (*snort*, my favorite projects are the ones I don't have to do!)

Get family member's birthdays written down so I can put them on the calendar each year and actually remember them

Make one of those "You are special today" plates for baptism anniversaries, feast days, birthdays, etc.

Read for fun!!! Besides just magazines.

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  1. I'm the same way if I write things down they are more likely to get done...that is actually a study...they say things written down have a 200% chance of getting done. I guarantee that out of everything on your list at least the baby announcements will get done :)