Monday, December 9, 2013

Dear Penny: Letters to our Child #18

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Dear Penny 10/22/2013

Well babe, the progesterone is looking up! No real issues since the hematoma (I get big lumps and then just avoid that side a few times and it goes away), and our level is in upper zone 2! I never thought I'd cheer for being in zone 2 but here I am cheering on God for hearing our prayers, daddy for faithfully giving me the shots, the pills for having some effect, and you for growing strong with suboptimal levels. What a team we all are, Penny!

Daddy and I went last Thursday for our 20 week ultrasound. You know, THE ULTRASOUND. Except we stayed strong and let the ultrasound lady know that we didn't want to know. Since she needed all kinds of measurements that included the bum area, we had to look away about 5 separate times. Then I made the mistake of asking her if she knows what you are. She said yes and that was torture! THEN I found out that our doctor only does the first trimester ultrasounds and this lady does the 2nd and 3rd trimester ones, so now I have to see her almost every month knowing she knows what you are! I'm still so glad we aren't finding out, and the suspense is fun, but it would be so easy to say "ok nevermind, what is it!?!?!?". For the 3rd ultrasound in a row (12 weeks, 18 weeks, 20 weeks), you were laying there with your one hand above your head most of the time and then sometimes chewing on your hands. Can't wait to see you do that in person! I love that you have your own little habits and personality already. You continue to be a cuddly baby and never want to stretch out on ultrasound. Mommy's not complaining; you know I love cuddles.

About halfway through the ultrasound, she had me use the bathroom. You have always been head down, but when I came back from the bathroom you were head up! I thought it was so bizarre that you flipped around and I didn't even know! It did answer my question of why I barely feel you, though. She said my placenta is at the top, where your feet have been the whole time, so that's what you are kicking. Well after you went feet down, I spent the next 2 days feeling you a LOT! Some movements felt more like flutters and others felt like little punches! Then Saturday I felt a 'swoosh' feeling (which I can't describe other than that) and nothing since then. Your newly non-anxious mother (wait, am I finally going to be less crazy!?) takes that to mean you switched back around to your head down comfy position. I'm probably the only mom who wants her baby to be feet down so I can feel you!


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  1. This one made me so teary - it made it really feel like a "real person" in there!! I love watching you fall in love with your child.