Friday, December 13, 2013

7 Quick Takes

--- 1 ---
Last weekend, our friends Liz and Dave came to visit with their sweet little guy, Charlie. We had SUCH a great weekend, even with some subpar weather! We did a lot of hanging out, eating, and shopping! This amazing couple is our baby's future Godparents, and the next time we see them will be for the baptism :).

Then Wednesday we had David, Mandi, and Lucia over for dinner. We had such a great week spending so much time with friends, although I think Buttercup is glad for some quiet ;).

--- 2 ---
This week at work has been SO crazy! Of course I'd get pregnant and then work would be INSANE. I dealt with a bunch of scary stuff lately that involved police, protection orders, and psychiatric hospital stays, and I am so, so glad that is over! Now on to the madness of our holiday gift drive. It's fun but SO much work. I wrapped/organized presents the entire day yesterday and my body is really aching from it. Then next week I have to deliver them. Add into that all my OB appointments and I am one busy girl. I barely make it through the day without a nap, but there is no nap option!

--- 3 ---
I hit 28 weeks this week and now I'm up to doctor visits every 2 weeks. I had to do the 3 hour glucose test this week because I failed the 1 hour next week. I was convinced I'd fail this, too, because of some new symptoms (that are apparently just pregnancy things!), and I was so sick after the test that I ended up staying out the whole day. But it was all worth it when I got the call the next morning that I PASSED!

--- 4 ---
We gave up our Advent calendar this year. We just took on too many things with various novenas, reflections, readings, etc and the calendar (where we do 1 activity per day together) was too much. I felt bad at first, but then I realized that Jesus probably WANTS us to simplify our lives so we can better focus on Him. Hopefully next year we'll be back to our calendar tradition! 

--- 5 ---
I will share...admit?.... that it took me 6 entire days to eat the candy from my St. Nicholas stocking, which is by far a record. And it only lasted that long because 3 of those days I was convinced I had gestational diabetes and only ate a few pieces :P.

--- 6 ---
This weekend is the baby shower my family is throwing us. It is a couples'/families' shower at Fuddruckers, an awesome burger place. I am so, so excited to see my family and friends! Say a prayer though because I'm all sniffly and sneezy. I really hope this clears up or at least doesn't get worse before all the fun on Saturday. 

 --- 7 ---
We need to begin making our birth plan soon. Any websites that helped you guide making yours? I actually like the idea of calling it "Birth Preferences" better, but same thing! We are going to use some of the books we've read to help us make it, but anything that would help us streamline it would be great. I doubt the nurses will want to read a 7 page birth plan :P

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  1. My OB FIL makes fun of birth plans. I hate that. I think that preferences need to be stated...and not JUST for the medical staff. I was irritated for weeks (ok about 2 yrs) that my husband decided that I really didn't want to meet with the hospital minister after our son was born. Still bitter.

  2. I lasted all of 30 seconds with the glucose before puking it up... twice. I also wet my pants because I was throwing up so violently. It was doubly embarrassing because the lab tech was one of my parishioners and he was having to hold me up while I threw up. I definitely called into work after it!

  3. I don't know of websites, but I do know that nurses prefer one page birth plans, if possible. And I've also heard that they really appreciate a disclaimer that clarifies that your goal, with the doctor, is the same: a healthy baby. :)
    Fuddruckers is a favorite resteraunt in my family's memory...we haven't been there in ages!