Friday, November 15, 2013

7 Quick Takes

--- 1 ---
This week brought a lot of stuff. At what I thought would be a super simple 24 week appointment, I found out my blood pressure is sky rocketing and I need the rhogam shot. The rhogam shot is obviously more routine, though I'm hoping they have the mercury free one! The blood pressure on the other hand is a wee bit scary since it can indicate pre-eclampsia, which can cause a host of problems, one being intrauterine growth restriction. I go back in 3 weeks for an ultrasound to check baby's growth, so prayers for him or her to be on track would be much appreciated. I'll get an ultrasound every 3-4 weeks after that for the same reason. 

--- 2 ---
More exciting was that we celebrated 24 weeks with a dinner out, building the crib, and organizing the nursery a bit. It has been a lot of fun to see it come together! I have suspicions that baby was feet down from weeks 20-24, and now I think baby has just turned to head down. I know I won't feel this way when I'm bigger, but head down kicks are SO much more comfortable than the feet down ones! 

Check out the (corner of the) rug I won on Camp Patton forever ago! And yes, those are the baptism outfits my siblings and I wore... can't wait to see which we'll be using next year!

--- 3 ---
Last weekend, I had great girl time with my mom, sister in law, and niece at a Christmas shoppe/show. This weekend my parents are coming to help a bit in the nursery and just hang out. Love seeing them twice in the same week! I normally have weekends planned out to a "T" when they visit, so I'm sure they'll enjoy some down time! I'm also excited to go to the local coffee shop which has drool-tastic concoctions. See below for more coffee love.

--- 4 ---
The other day I was really craving some coffee so I went to Target to pick one out. I had the hardest time deciding between hazelnut and breakfast blend, but ended up going with the decaf breakfast blend. The next day on my desk was a bag of decaf hazelnut from my coworker who thought I'd like it. Sweet and coincidental! I've got coffee to last me months now. Luckily Target had a Cartwheel deal on the natural creamer... sweet cream *drool*. Speaking of cartwheel, we saved about $15 in one trip with that and a few $1 coupons. Love scoring deals! Back to coffee, though. My husband drinks Mystic Monk caramel and I have a mental block against it since it made me nauseous early on. Sad times! I think I'll have to order another of their flavors because I love supporting monks! 

--- 5 ---
I've had my cat for 6 years (she's 11) and in that time she has always preferred sleeping on hard or at least firm surfaces. She gets weird about things like down comforters that are fluffy. All of a sudden, she has taken to pillows. She sleeps on a couch pillow in the living room and on my body pillow in the bedroom. It's funny how she can change like that! She must have just realized what she was missing all these years. Steven and I joke that she's our very own Pillow Pet. Although I did complain that I paid $75 for my pillow pet when they can be bought for much cheaper. But I guess she's worth it ;). 

--- 6 ---
I'm planning on leaving work mid February. Since the 14th is a Friday, I figure that just makes sense. Today (I'm a quick takes cheater) is the 14th. That is only three months away. Not only is this flying by, but wow, what a different life awaits me in just a quarter of a year! I will miss my coworkers and my job, but I am so, so excited for what's next for our family! Also exciting is that my shower is one month from today. We also got married on the 14th (of April) so apparently that's just a good date for me ;). 

 --- 7 ---
Friday Question: Do you have a favorite Etsy shop? I could spend hours on Etsy searching for random things in handmade. For example, I spent about 30 minutes perusing wooden toys even though I had no intention of buying any (right now). Etsy window shopping, I guess! So anyway, if you have a favorite store, share it with me in the comments and feed my obsession! 

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  1. My recent favorite is Sanctus Stitches (etsy shop that is). Praying for you and the baby, Stacy!

  2. The baby's room looks like it's coming along nicely! Very excited for you all! :)

    I want to try Mystic Monk coffee...thanks for your husband's recommendation.

    Have a good weekend!

  3. Those outfits hanging up are making me so emotional. So sweet!!