Friday, November 8, 2013

7 Quick Takes

--- 1 ---
Go read my post on attending worldwide marriage encounter. And then go sign up for a weekend near you! For NC folks, it's . You can also use . It's not just a Catholic thing! 

--- 2 ---
The highlight of this otherwise dull/ordinary week (I'm talking the week that started on Monday!), was that Steven felt the baby kick on Wednesday, which was when I 'turned' 23 weeks. It was so, so exciting! I will never understand what made this baby go from once a a week wiggles to multiple times a day overnight, but I am loving it. It is so, so good for my anxious heart! We won't talk about the day this week that I was convinced the baby had a seizure... but luckily I was able to tell myself that was irrational, which is a step in the right direction! I really need to post more letters to Penny and catch up so I can share these letters when they happen, and not 2 months later! 

--- 3 ---
Next Thursday I have my 24 week appointment, and it's my first and last one I'll be attending alone. My husband's work schedule might have a lot of crappy aspects, but one great one is that he is almost always able to go with me to these appointments. I love having him there, and love that he likes being there! This time he couldn't make it work, but I think it's my last appointment without an ultrasound, so I gave him a free pass ;). Also, as of next Thursday we'll have paid the doctor off (in advance) for the birth! Woot! 

--- 4 ---
I realized one of the only things I don't like about owning vs renting. The forced opportunity to clean out! I've moved 9 times in the past 10 years so I was constantly cleaning out and thinning out STUFF. But now that we're settled, I notice it accumulates so much easier! I'm going to have to go through the house with some trash bags and boxes one of these days. I married a sentimental packrat, so it should be a good communication exercise. 

--- 5 ---
I work in the I/DD field so when I saw this video the other day, I knew I had to watch it. Oh man, I laughed and cried so much. It is SO sweet! What a beautiful job those parents are doing. You won't regret watching it (unless you are headed out the door and don't have on waterproof mascara).

--- 6 ---
This weekend I am headed to SC for a girls' day with my mom, sister in law, and niece. We're going to go to the Junior League Christmas show where I'm sure I'll need ALL THE THINGS. I saw my parents toward the end of October, then this weekend, and then they are coming for a visit next weekend! Plus, I'll be there for Christmas and you KNOW I'll see them a ton next year say around.... March? :) I love all the family time! Do you have any fun weekend plans? 

 --- 7 ---
Friday Question: Do you do a Jesse tree? Does it line up with Advent or is it separate? I've never done one but I thought this might be a good year to start if I want it to become a yearly, family thing. Our advent 'calendar' is a tree of boxes and we usually put a slip of paper in each one with an activity, prayer, date, etc to bring us closer together as a family during advent, while we await the littlest addition of the holy family. So I'm going to have to figure out how to balance the Jesse tree with our Advent calendar since we don't even cross paths some days! Although, this is the last year for that, at least for a long while :).  

PS- If you came over from Conversion Diary and noticed that my picture is sideways... yeah, I don't know either. 

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  1. Oh, I was so excited when I reached 23 week!

  2. I am so glad I'm not the only neurotic one. My baby is SUPER active, which means that I worry 1) Whenever he's not moving (Normally he moves all the time! It's been a whole hour since he last moved!) 2) When he does little, twitchy movements (Maybe he's sick and it's making his movements weaker! Maybe he's having some kind of spasm!) 3) When he does SUPER HARD movements (Maybe something is scaring or hurting him!) and 4) When he gets the hiccups. (Is it normal to get those two or three times a day?!)

    Um, yeah. Neurotic, party of me.

  3. Yay for a fun weekend! Check out Holy Hero's Advent Adventure. It is totally free and makes the Jesse Tree super painless and easy. I know Penny isn't here yet to enjoy it, but I learned things right with the kiddos.

  4. 4 - I HATE moving and have moved probably as much as you and can't wait to own a house and not move constantly...but I can say that the one thing I LOVE about moving is going through stuff and getting rid of stuff.

    7 - This is my first year doing a jesse tree...I did a jesse tree swap through a blog I found....and last year I got this little tree from Hobby Lobby for $5 after Christmas and I figured I'd use it as a Jesse Tree. My mom bought me a book with prayers and jesse tree stuff earlier this year that I plan on using..we'll see how it goes I'm hoping to blog about it some.