Monday, October 21, 2013

Dear Penny: Letters to our Child #15

For the complete series of letters to our baby from pre-conception til now, click on the "Dear Baby Series" tag!

Dear Penny, 8/3/2013

Well, little babe, ask and ye shall receive. My symptoms did come back (still not daily, but that’s ok!) AND I got some extra surprises like a giant hematoma on my right hip where I get my Tuesday injections. I thought the injections hurt (well, they do) but this gives pain a new definition. It hurts to sit, lay, walk, stand, shift... basically ANYthing I do! I have never experienced something like this before. Poor daddy has to deal with me crying daily, especially at night when it’s almost impossible to get comfortable. But you know what I love? Redemptive suffering. My suffering does not have to be for naught. My Catholic friends in the online group gave me their prayer intentions and mommy focuses on that every time the pain gets really, really bad. I think redemptive suffering is one of my very favorite parts of being Catholic. What we are going through is lifting others up, little one.

Now we have to do both Tues and Fri injections in the left until the right heals. If it happens a lot, it will mean my body just does not tolerate injections and I’ll have to go back to progesterone pills. The downside is that my progesterone was not high enough when I was on the HIGHEST dose of pills. So that is very, very scary for mommy and daddy. How about let’s make a deal? Mommy puts up with whatever amount of pain, stress, and discomfort that comes her way, and you fight, fight, fight and hang on. You and me, we’re a team, ok?

We went to a consignment store a few miles away yesterday and LOVED IT. I almost had to drag daddy out! They had great stuff at great prices, and lots of NC State stuff. We came out with a few goodies :). Mommy also scored some awesome maternity stuff at a thrift store this week: $1.50 for a nice maternity shirt for work (for way later on!) and $1.50 for brand name maternity pants for work! So excited!

I meant to tell you about the first trimester symptoms that you never hear people talk about. I always hear about fatigue and nausea but that’s it. Well, I’ve had some of both (they come and go) but no one told me that I’d have menstrual like cramps for MONTHS! They also come and go but were very scary in the early days when I was so afraid that might mean I was miscarrying! There’s other cramps too that are just...different... and alarming but usually stop after 10-20 minutes. Everyone says as long as they are light and there is no bleeding, it’s normal. Then there’s round ligament pain which the internet sources say you don’t get til your 2nd trimester but women on message boards everywhere say 1st. Yep, check! If I hadn’t already seen you on ultrasound, I would have thought you might be ectopic with how sharp and towards the right the pain was.

I knew I might have food aversions (mommy rarely wants sweets! What!?) but didn’t know I’d crave stuff this early. Luckily I mostly crave protein in the form of eggs, dairy, and nuts. I also have been craving white potatoes, but haven’t discovered the nutritional need in that one yet! Speaking of food, you now have your sex organs and mommy has been SO careful to avoid sugar in case you are a girl, since your ovaries and eggs will be formed in my womb. I want those to be healthy so you don’t have to deal with this stuff! I guess people talk about being emotional, but it hit me like I didn’t expect. I cry at baptisms, I cry at Chicken Soup for the Expectant Mother’s Soul, I cry over tough work situations (the worst!) and I cry for little or no reason at all. I’m not a crying person in general, so that’s definitely been a change!

In a little over 2 weeks we see you again and then we can tell the whole world! I can’t wait!


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