Monday, October 7, 2013

Dear Penny: Letters to our Child #14

For the complete series of letters to our baby from pre-conception til now, click on the "Dear Baby Series" tag!

Dear Penny, 07/31/2013

Happy 9 weeks! I love Wednesdays. Daddy and I anxiously await our weekly email about what size fruit/vegetable you are and what developments you are having, and then text each other from work about it. It’s so much fun! I can’t wait to see you. I can’t wait to see if you look more like mommy, or daddy, or a blend of both of us. I can’t wait to look at your little face and know that I’m looking at myself and my husband. I can’t wait to hold you when Daddy is gone at work and know that a piece of him is still physically there with me! I can’t wait to see whose personality traits you inherit. I can’t wait to see if you come out with mommy’s dark blonde, stick straight hair or daddy’s thick, black, curly as anything hair or daddy’s brown eyes or mommy’s blue eyes. We certainly have fun thinking of the combinations :). I can’t wait to see Daddy look down at you and see a part of him in someone else. I think mommies think about that from the second they are pregnant, but Daddy will have to see you for it to really hit him... there’s his sweet little baby, half him, staring back. So many moments I’m excited to experience for the first time.

Before that though, I’m so excited to feel you move and turn and kick! I’m excited for my belly to grow round. It’s already growing but I think that’s just progesterone bloat, and since I’m not ready to tell work, it’s not quite as fun ;). I can’t wait to see you on ultrasound again in just under 3 weeks. I’m excited for the anticipation of whether you’re a boy or a girl after the time where we COULD know but do not want to. I’m excited to finish telling people about you!

Mommy has some of the greatest friends and what’s even more special is that some I may never meet in person. In my online Catholic group I have received SO MUCH love already during this pregnancy. One friend since a box of maternity clothes and books, another sent a $25 Motherhood Maternity gift card that she hadn’t used, and still another custom made a rosary for us for almost free! We picked out March birthstone like beads and all the other beads for it, and it is simply stunning. We are praying it every week for your health, my health, and for all couples struggling with infertility. It has blessed us immensely already and we’ve only done it twice! I can’t wait to give you that rosary when you are old enough and to explain how mommy and daddy prayed on it while you grew.

I just love you!


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