Thursday, September 5, 2013

Dear Penny: Letters to Our Child #....10.5?

Oops! I missed a letter! I didn't post the one between the day we found out we were pregnant and the day we announced to my parents. Here it is! As always, if you want to see the whole series, just click the 'tag' at the bottom of the post.

Dear Baby Penny, 7/3/2014

WE SAW YOU TODAY!!!!!!!!!!!!! Granted I wouldn’t have known that was you if the doctor hadn’t pointed it out but still.... WE SAW YOU!!!! You made mommy AND daddy cry! The appointment took about 3 hours starting with an exam, then talking with the doctor about progesterone treatment and normal pregnancy stuff (foods to avoid, etc), then bloodwork, then an ultrasound, and then daddy giving me progesterone shots in front of the nurse. He did so good!

The doctor moved your due date to 3/5/14 based off of mommy’s chart. But you know what? I was sad for a minute and then realized that St. Felicity and God probably teamed up to make my phone and the doctor agree on Monday to give me peace of mind (which it absolutely did). Today the doctor told me that my numbers were good, so I guess I didn’t need that due date peace of mind as much anymore. Since only 1/20 babies comes on their due date, maybe that means you’ll show up on the 7th after all! Today I am exactly 5 weeks pregnant.

The doctor did diagnose me with chronic hypertension which means he’ll be following both you and me really closely throughout the pregnancy. It made the tough decision of whether to stay with him or use the birthing center REALLY easy since they won’t let me birth there with high blood pressure. We love our doctor though, so I think I’ll find peace with it pretty easily.

Speaking of which, the nurse, Amber, said that when mommy called on Monday, the doctor ran in to her and said “Stacy Cash got a positive pregnancy test!” and then she debated today whether or not to bring in the “Celebration” song to play when mommy and daddy arrived. Yes, I think we are in goods hands. We are praying for you and SO MANY amazing online friends are praying for you as well. Tomorrow we tell Gammy and Gampy.... can’t wait to write about it :).



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  1. That is so sweet that they have a "Celebration" song for the patients. :)