Thursday, August 29, 2013

Dear Penny: Letters to our Child #11

Dear Baby Penny, 7/4/13

Well, this is one 4th of July that probably can’t be beat. We drove down to gammy and gampy’s today, excited and anxious the whole 4.5 hours! When we finally arrived, mommy called the house to make sure neither of them were in the shower. Gammy had JUST gotten in! So we quickly moved our car around the corner where they couldn’t see us and I told Gampy that I needed to ask Gammy a question so for her to call me asap. Our stomachs were in huge knots as we tried to waste the time away. As soon as Gammy came, I gave her instructions. I said “you and dad need to come out to the porch in one minute, stay on the porch, and don’t ask any questions”. I got the frame out, Steven got the balloons out, and we hid in front of the garage where they couldn’t see us until I heard the door close and I knew they were on the porch. We rounded the corner and Gammy instantly knew. I started crying as soon as I saw her, she started tearing up, and she grabbed me in the biggest hug. Gampy was standing inside of the screen door and came out giving us congratulations and hugs. We went inside and gave them EVERY detail of the past 3 days. They are SO EXCITED about you!!!!!!!!!!!!! You are so, so loved. They sent me home with a little Panther set of baby items, a DVD about babies, and a Big Bang Theory onesie :). I called Aunt Rachel who immediately began crying. It was so sweet! Aunt Jen came over with Dylan and Kaitie after she heard the news and brought a book of baby names for us to borrow. This family loves you so much. We spent about 6 hours there and it was fantastic, talking all about you and us and the future! It was such a perfect day. Nine hours in the car meant nothing with all the fun and excitement we had announcing you! Now on to Grandma and Grampa Cash tomorrow night. Love you baby. Stay safe and stay put!


We got this picture at our 2nd appointment, which was the Wednesday after we found out we were pregnant on Monday. My doctor said since my hcg was over 1000, he could check the gestational sac. See the 'pig snout' in the upper left? Babe is the left nostril ;). We got our updated due date of 3/5 (Ash Wednesday!) at that appointment. I got another progesterone injection that day and then a script for oral progesterone until their supply of injections came in from the new pharmacy. Thank God for my doctor's proactiveness! He has really helped us to take good care of Penny.


  1. This brought tears to my eyes again!! LOL I love "stay safe and stay put"! Already pushing Penny around ;-)