Friday, August 16, 2013

7 Quick Takes

--- 1 ---
Not that I claim to ever have fantastic material in my quick takes, but since I'm writing all of these on Friday morning, please lower the standards a bit, k? I usually struggle around take 5 or so, but write them over 3 days so I just come back and finish later. But since I used up one quick take with a disclaimer, maybe I'll be ok!

--- 2 ---
I love, love, love my little town and neighborhood. We live just a few miles from downtown Raleigh, but technically in Garner. Right in our very own neighborhood, they do a summer concert series of about 5-7 concerts every summer. People of all ages come out with chairs, blankets, and snacks, vendors set up their wares and food, and we enjoy being a community for 3 hours. There are 2 more left in September and I can't wait! We were not able to make any of the May or June ones, and they take the month of July off, so I was soooo glad to be able to go last night. There is nothing like a free date night with your love!

--- 3 ---

Date night fun! We packed hot dogs, chips, orange slices, and water for a little beach chair picnic!

Slow dancing! I wish they had played another slow song. My inhibitions had just started to fade and then the song was over. It was so sweet watching some of the older couples dance! 

The band was from Garner (they are always from NC but not always from Garner), so that was a treat!

--- 4 ---
This week, one of the daily catechism readings reminded us to be super thankful for our jobs, even on the rough days and even when we think something about it is unfair. We are so blessed to have jobs and pray a lot for those who don't. But then I had a day yesterday that made me appreciate my job SO much. It was a rare, cool and breezy August day and I was itching to be outside. One of my proteges (clients) loves to color and we had just gotten a donation of coloring books and crayons, so I took them out to his rest home, we went outside, and colored our hearts out! It was gorgeous weather and he talked to me more yesterday than he has in 4 years! I might have to start doing coloring therapy more often :).

--- 5 ---
 I'm starting to waiver on the whole gluten free thing. I'm not giving it up yet, but it might be looming in our future. I'm not actually craving bready stuff, but lunches are SO hard sometimes compared to packing a peanut butter sandwich! And maybe even a bit more expensive? I wrote about our food costs going up last week, and I'm pretty sure it directly correlates with going gluten free (even though the only 'gluten free' item we buy is an occasional loaf of bread). So I think we might start slooooowly incorporating gluten back in for my carb addicted husband, so we don't go from no gluten to ALL THE GLUTEN. But the towel isn't thrown in just yet! Not exactly sure what I'm waiting for lol.

--- 6 ---
Weekend plans! My cousin-in-law has a bridal shower tonight so I'm going with my mother-in-law. It's actually our first mother/daughter in law event together without Steven! It's a pampered chef shower, so I know I will come home with a few goodies (eyeing the paring knife set and cheese knife). Saturday my plans are to do NOTHING. Then Sunday is church, faith formation info session, and hopefully one of Steven's friends is coming over that afternoon. I am making meatball subs that night... drool. Do you have anything fun going on? 

 --- 7 ---
Friday question because I love when my readers talk, too! How do you keep up with your favorite blogs since google reader went away? Honestly, I never loved google reader. I use bloglovin' now which I like more but I'm bad about checking it. I always check the ones I'm subscribed to on blogger, but that's only a fraction of the ones on bloglovin', so I end up missing out! 

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  1. I find it really easy to keep up with Bloglovin so long as I don't fall behind.

  2. I love your idea of coloring with your client. That is so very sweet. I use bloglovin, and just have to try to stay on top of it.

  3. I like Feedly. It's almost the same as Google Reader

  4. Like you I tried to use bloglovin but I never seem to look at it but I am able to keep up with a lot with the ones that I am subscribed to on blogger. The concert looks like so much fun!

  5. Getting your Bloglovin feed sent to your inbox is nice because you get a little preview of each post, just like in Blogger, and can then decide which ones to read. Totally agree on the free music and date nights! Our new neighborhood has a square that does movies and live bands each week, but we haven't made it're inspiring me! Have a good weekend!

  6. I use the Old Reader.

    #s 2 and 3 sound great!

    As for GF--I could never hack it myself, b/c I love bread too much. But I have started using more oats in my bread, eating more salads and moving away from sandwiches as a staple. Trying to make the bread the treat at the end of a good balanced meal. That's been very helfpul

  7. I use Feedly to keep up with the blogs I read. I try to keep the list fairly short though or else I could lose an entire day! Those summer concerts look like so much free fun!
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