Friday, July 19, 2013

7 Quick Takes

--- 1 ---
My big excitement for the week is that we purchased a sectional! It was kind of touch and go there for a while, though. We decided to put our existing furniture up on Craigslist to get an idea of how long it would take to sell, thinking it might be a few months. The furniture is pretty nice, only 4 years old, but left a huge dead/unuseable space in our living room because of the configuration. Anyway, I posted it Thursday or Friday and we had people here last Sunday snatching it up. We sold the tables that went with it and everything, but they didn't even try to haggle so it was awesome. Then the issue was.... how long would it take to find the PERFECT sectional?

--- 2 ---
My definition of perfect was non-microfiber, gray or medium brown, scrubbable fabric, and I had a certain, low price range. I also really wanted the longer side to be on a certain wall, which turned out hard to find. Sectionals are almost all made with the longer side on the OPPOSITE of what I wanted. Oh that was another requirement. You had to fit 4 people comfortably and 5 people semi comfortably on it. A lot of sectionals are smaller and only fit 4, and even then 2 of the people's knees are touching. So we set out Wednesday and went to a bunch of stores. I was getting really discouraged and preparing myself for a life of camping chairs when we walked in a random, unplanned store and saw...  

--- 3 ---

Dream of dreams! They even took $100 off the price (delivery is another $100 but still!) AND we get a brand new one, not the floor model. It is an Ashley sofa for a fraction of the price of Ashley furniture. SO EXCITED. It has to last us the next 10+ years so here's to hoping we take good care of it! 

--- 4 ---
Our next excitement this week was that our air conditioning died at about 7pm on Tuesday evening. I was laying on the living room floor (I can only sit in a camping chair for so long) and realized it was getting stuffier and stuffier. Yuck! Luckily, Steven was off Wednesday and, luckily, we found an amazing guy to do the job and, luckily, it was only $150! I was really hoping we wouldn't have to part with big bucks (especially since this was the day of furniture shopping!). 

--- 5 ---
I always feel bad for my facebook friends because my quick takes are old news. I'm one of those people who basically shares EVERYthing on facebook. I'm ok with that because I keep it to a fairly small crowd of people I'm ok knowing all the things about me. But yeah, it probably makes for a boring quick takes!

--- 6 ---
Weekend plans: Headed to SC for a mini high school reunion. I'm skipping the big one in October, but my close group of friends from high school is getting together for a pool party Saturday afternoon with spouses and children. Should be a blast! We have almost all seen each other at least once a year since we graduated, for get togethers, weddings, and baby showers. Love them and can't wait to catch up again! We are also celebrating my mom's birthday while we're there and will get some quality family time in. 

 --- 7 ---
Friday Question: Going back to A/C. What temperature do you keep your A/C on in the summer? My dad was surprised to know we keep ours at 74. Disclaimer though, when I was single I kept it at 77. My husband is a space heater and requires cooler air. Luckily, I haven't noticed that much of a difference in the power bill, but I *do* wish we were consuming a bit less energy. Just one of those battles I had to concede on ;). 

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  1. Love that new sectional! So glad you got the AC fixed for such a deal, my car doesn't have it and it is so hard in the summer.
    We keep our air at 74, 74 if it is really nasty out.

  2. 74 sounds like heaven to me! I can't imagine what our bill would be if we kept it at that. We do 78 in the day, 77 at night. I sleep on an ice pack to help me stay cool, with the fan on high.

    I love the new sectional. That looks a lot like what I want to eventually get for our living room.

  3. *cough* Dad just thinks we keep it at 77 or 78 - I gradually push it down to about 75 :-) I don't think it affects our power bill any more than him leaving the closet/shower/laundry room lights on at any given time!! LOL Can't wait to visit and sit on the couch!! Yay for a fake birthday weekend :-)

  4. DH is an A/C guy...well, he doesn't install them, but he sells HVAC equipment/parts/accessories to distributors and wholesalers, so next time your A/C breaks (hopefully never, right!?) send me an email! We keep ours at 78, but if I'm hot I'll pop it down to 77 without a second thought. Or if I'm really, really hot it goes to 76, but that's about it. We keep the house at 68 in the winter. AND we just blew in an extra 6 inches of insulation into our attic, and that REALLY helped to cut our A/C bill so far this summer! Might be something to think about if you have only a thin layer up in the attic!

  5. I'm not sure our A/C works properly...we keep it at 68 at night and it's still a little warm!! Yikes.

    Hooray for quick sales and perfect finds!

  6. We keep ours at 72, but they are window units so I don't know how that affects what the room temperature ACTUALLY feels like. It's also cheaper overall (though not the most comfortable) because we are only paying to cool one or two rooms at any given time, and none while we're out of the house.