Friday, July 12, 2013

7 Quick Takes: Back in Business

--- 1 ---
Gluten free update! I know some people asked for me to continue sharing about the experience. Steven still feels way better without gluten. We're eating gluten free about 90-95% of the time, and he really feels it that 5-10% of the time we don't! I still am not really noticing anything different in myself except that my food choices got way better in the beginning and stayed that way. I'm snacking on so much more fruits, vegetables, nuts, and cheese now than I was before. We're going to basically stick with it as much as we can. It hasn't been as hard as we thought it would be! However, I'm kind of wanting to do a dairy test next... DON'T TAKE MY CHEESE!

--- 2 ---
Check out the guest post Steven did for my blog yesterday about his experience converting to Catholicism in 2012 right before our wedding! 

--- 3 ---
 Last week, Steven's computer died. Well, more accurately, he dropped it on the floor. Details, details. I was panicked about the idea of replacing it since it had been a money heavy week already. Then he realized he could sell his cell phone back to Best Buy as part of this buy back program he paid $30 to join when he got the phone, being guaranteed he would get at least $30 for it. Um yeah, he got $260. Can you believe it!!?? For a 2 year old phone that was kind of beat up. The program has ended (gee, I wonder why!) but we ended up paying $28 out of pocket for a new laptop for him. Thank God for that. 

--- 4 ---
Except then he decided that he likes my laptop better, and I don't really care, so we switched. But now that we switched, I'm realizing how much I miss Windows 7. Windows 8 kind of makes me want to curl up in the fetal position. But at least I no longer have a keyboard where letters are rubbed off. 

--- 5 ---
Do you eat quinoa? It's a favorite of mine. But this week I learned something important. I do NOT like red quinoa! The texture between red and white is so different! I made 4 servings of it and the only way I can get through them is by mixing in refried beans to kind of mask the texture. That's what I get for not waiting on Trader Joe's to just restock the white quinoa, but who knew?! 

--- 6 ---
This weekend I'm on call, booooo. But I did switch weekends with someone because my original one was during a mini high school reunion later this month. So the good news is that it will be a slightly longer time til I go back on call again. The schedule is made through Sept 20th and I'm only on it this time- woohoo! Hopefully it'll be a quiet weekend. 

 --- 7 ---
Friday question time! I suck at using apps on my phone. I kind of just don't care about them. But I spend a lot of time in waiting rooms for my job, and facebook can only entertain me for so long. What's your favorite free game/app to kill time on? If all of you say Candy Crush, then you're officially fired from answering my questions ;). 

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  1. This is what I did when i got my new laptop:

  2. Luminosity is a fun app. It is challenging and doesn't take very long to play.

  3. I love quinoa! I have never tried red quinoa and from your description maybe I won't.

  4. I am kind of a nerd so I like word games like scramble/word/hanging with friends, boggle, scramble touch. A guy introduced me to jet-pack joyride I played it for a while but not much any more (not sure which I like more the game or a built in conversation with said guy).

  5. I love Words with Friends, but it not really a time killer, because you have to wait for your friends to play. But if you use it, hit me up!

    Both David and I can definitely tell the difference when we go grain free. It's remarkable. We're going to get back on that wagon hard-core after our move.

    How amazing is that phone buy back? I'm amazed AND super happy that it worked out for you two to get a new computer almost free! Crazy!

    We are SO looking forward to seeing you soon. Thank goodness for our friends out there that make moving away a little less sad!

  6. Love, love, love quinoa! I actually like the red better, but the white is cheaper so we usually go with that! Um 28 for a laptop out of pocket? Not bad at all!!! As for apps, I love Ruzzle!

  7. Sorry - Candy Crush is my fave BUT I, also, love Bejeweled Blitz. 7 Little Words is okay, too.

  8. Yay for only $28 for a laptop out of pocket!

  9. I like Monsters Run and Where's My Water? Awesome job on paying so little for a new laptop!