Friday, June 21, 2013

7 Quick Takes

--- 1 ---
This is my third post this week, which is actually kind of a record. For the last month or so, I have just not been into blogging! I feel like my mojo might be coming back, so watch out! If you missed my posts this week, I posted some amazing pictures of our trip to Alaska, and also wrote about Steven and I deciding to go gluten free, at least for a trial period.

--- 2 ---
Speaking of gluten free, I already get an F. Although I feel pretty innocent on this one. I met with a friend at a local restaurant for dinner on Wednesday. Local restaurants are a bit more tricky as far as gluten free goes, but I thoroughly studied their menu ahead of time to see what I could eat. I ended up deciding on their shrimp platter, which was described as shrimp, greek salad, and fries. I thought, oh goody, shrimp and salad are healthy and then I get a fry treat! Well, I ordered it and when it came up, the shrimp were fried! Maybe I should have assumed that, but I'm very new to eating shrimp, and I would have thought the menu would have said "breaded and fried" or something like that. So... week one = contamination. (Technically we are contaminated by the Eucharist but it just feels so wrong to use those words together in the same sentence!)

--- 3 ---
Remember how I said I was ditching Verizon due to them being super crappy about the lemon phone they gave me 2 years ago? Yeah, Boost was even more of a disaster. So now I'm out the one month cost, plus the shipping for sending the phone back. FRUGAL FAIL! Lesson learned. I am going to end my Verizon contract, and we added me to Steven's so we are still saving $25 a month. Not as much as with Boost, but hey- at least I can go back to making/receiving calls at home! 

--- 4 ---
I met this little guy in Glacier Bay, Alaska. It really got me thinking... why do some seagulls live on the warm beaches of North Carolina and others live in frigid Alaska? The Alaskan one certainly has a better view, but the North Carolina ones have it made on weather!

--- 5 ---
I needed one more quick take (don't ask me why I do them out of order) and asked my husband what I should write about. He responded "How about something about Alaska?" Already done. "Ok, how about how great the Wonder Years is?" Already done (see take 7). I'm not sure if it's scary or sweet that our brains work so similarly, but I guess the good news is, he could fill in on my blog for me if needed!

--- 6 ---
We have a weekend full of fun dates. Tonight we are going to the park for a walk and then out for ice cream as part of my "12 months of dates" coupon book I gave Steven on our anniversary. Tomorrow we are going to Mass, out to dinner to try gluten free pizza, and to an outdoor movie at the art museum (Sky Fall... I will be bringing snacks lol!). Do you have any fun plans?

 --- 7 ---
You know what we can't get enough of on Netflix right now? The Wonder Years! I know I watched it when I was little because the people are familiar but I don't think I really watched it. It is such a great show!!!! That brings me to.... My question of the week! What can you not get enough of in Netflix right now? I'd include cable, too, but we don't have it so it will just make me jealous ;) (kidding, you can totally share!). 

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  1. Andrew and I spent the past 3 months watching Lost on Netflix and loved every minute! I need to detox from the screen for a while now, as a result (I also feel like it's because I will never find a better, more engaging TV show), but I definitely recommend it!

  2. I definitely would've assumed the shrimp wasn't breaded, too. I think that is a menu fail!

    Some parishes offer GF Eucharist. I've heard announcements made saying as much before Mass. Worth asking maybe?

  3. Scandal - Season 1 is on Netflix. It's a short one, only 7 episodes. Season 2 is like 22 episodes.

    Weekend plans - going to Queens Farm with Nicole and our friend Charla tomorrow to see the animals, and then having a picnic at some museum that Charla knows of on Long Island that has beautiful grounds. A chill birthday celebration!