Friday, May 31, 2013

7 Quick Takes

--- 1 ---
Tomorrow we leave for our Alaskan cruise! It will be a week and two days of family fun. All of my immediate family and spouses are going and since we almost NEVER all see each other, I am so, so excited! I'm excited to see glaciers, too :). I bought a hoodie at the drug store the other day (because Alaska is cold and I waited til summer to shop for a jacket), and the guy said "I didn't think you could take a boat around Alaska. Isn't it all frozen?" Lol! I told him I guess he'll find out if I don't come fill my prescription next month ;). 

--- 2 ---
We'll be spending a day and a half in Seattle before we come home, and guess what? One of my super favorite internet friends (we share 4 common groups on facebook!) who I have never met and is from Texas will ALSO be in Seattle so we are meeting up for dinner! What are the chances!?!? I'm so excited and love when stuff like that works out. NC & TX meet in WA! I'm also meeting up with some long lost cousins... well never lost really, but haven't seen each other in maaaaaaaaany years. And one of my favorite parts of traveling? Seeing Catholic churches in other places! I seriously put a lot of time researching churches before we go somewhere lol! We are going to the massive Cathedral the first weekend, and Christ Our Hope church on the way back, which is in a regular downtown building and looks intriguing. 

--- 3 ---
This year is my 10 year high school reunion. *fetal position crying* I've decided not to go to the actual reunion (just spending 10 minutes on the reunion's facebook page was enough to convince me that I am better off without it), but my close friends from high school are talking about having our own mini-reunion in August. CAN'T WAIT!!! Small group of friends, good food, and not up til all hours of the night? Now that is my kind of reunion.

--- 4 ---
I am ditching Verizon after a 10+ year relationship and trying out Boost mobile. The plan is about $35 cheaper per month with more minutes/texts and same internet (unlimited). I got a pretty good phone for $100 with a googled coupon code (NEVER buy something online without googling a coupon code first!), so I'm pleased *so far*. Boost has shrinking payments so you get $5 off per month for every 6 months of on time payments, up to I think $15 off total. If you can't tell, I'm excited! And no, this is not a sponsored post ;). It's just that my phone for the last year has so many frozen spots on screen that I can hardly text, can't call 911, and can't call any local numbers (or numbers with 9 or 1 in them period). It's been kind of a nightmare, and Verizon did noting to help so this girl has lost her loyalty! If hubs likes it, he's going to switch later and save us more moolah!

--- 5 ---
Show and tell!
 Our first memorial day cook out together! And it was just us, at 8pm after Steven got home from work. I loved it <3 !!! 

I kind of hate wine, but this local sweet wine was pretty good!!! 

--- 6 ---
Watch this. Watch this now!!!! 

--- 7 ---
Question of the week: What are your big summer plans? We pretty much have none after Alaska, so I'll have to live through you all in July and August ;). 

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  1. I love visiting new churches on trips, too! Enjoy your cruise!!

  2. So just googled the church and watched the video. I loved the comments.

  3. I research churches too before I travel, I even pick hotels based off the church cause if at all possible I want one in walking distance.

    Enjoy your cruise!!!

  4. I hope you have an awesome time in Alaska! Looking forward to seeing some pictures!

    Cute Memorial Day pictures! :)

  5. 2 - Small world indeed!!
    3- I have no desire to go to my HS reunion next year...ugh I can't believe it's almost been 10 years *scary*. I don't really talk to anyone except random fb friends and I now live 20 hours away.
    6 - I laughed so hard at that. I'm glad to see my cats aren't the only ones that act that way. I showed it to my mom and she laughed soooo hard!!