Friday, May 24, 2013

7 Quick Takes

--- 1 ---
I am totally losing my quick takes mojo (which I instinctively typed as 'mofo'). I don't know what it is lately but I keep forgetting until the last minute! I guess it's not a bad thing when life is busy and enjoyable enough that blogging gets put on the back burner ;).

--- 2 ---
Shout out to any bloggers with PCOS. If you are interested in blogging about using your method of NFP while having PCOS, let me know! No method wars allowed :). I have two posts (one posted) on STM and could really use some posts on other methods! If you know of someone this applies to, pass it on! They don't have to have a blog to participate. 

--- 3 ---
I luuuuuuurve our new patio set, which is actually a deck set but you don't hear people say deck set. We searched for approximately 7  hours for this (6 hours one day, 1 hour the next) and it also involved purchasing and returning another set of chairs first. Wouldn't you know this was the first one we looked at? So typical of me...

--- 4 ---
Continuing with that take (and getting the most out of my 'take' mileage), here's the handsome chef that makes me dinner, and the cute kitty that cries incessantly at the back door... she's the little gray blob.

--- 5 ---
This has been the worst on call week of my 4 years on this job. I usually have like 0-4 calls all week. I had about 20 last weekend. My phone goes off at 5pm today and there will be MUCH REJOICING! I have zip plans for this 3 day weekend, and that's exactly how I like it! 

--- 6 ---
Wednesday we had a middle of the day date, which was so much fun! We went to lunch, out for a cupcake, and then walked around Big Lots. I was on my lunch break, and Steven was heading to work at 2. It's so much fun to have quality time together on a day that he closes at work, because usually we only see each other in passing that day. Even though we might do the same things on a lunch date as a dinner date, there is something really fun about a middle of the work day getaway! 

--- 7 ---
What's your favorite non-typical thing you like to do with your spouse/significant other? What do you do to mix things up a bit? 

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  1. One of our favorite non typical things is to go walk through homes that are being built. It is so much fun (and cheap!). My husband is a nerd who will then go home and look up all the floor plan info online, but still it's such fun.

  2. So exciting that you have a patio set! There's nothing better than sitting outside on the deck for dinner when the weather is nice!

    Middle of the day dates are awesome!

    Enjoy the weekend of no plans! :)

  3. Glad I'm not the only one that has no plans this weekend! Love the new patio set and grill (if it's new). We got a new grill at christmas and love it! Although it is currently out of gas.

  4. Yay for no plans this weekend!