Thursday, April 11, 2013

Wedding ABC's Part III

Our anniversary (the 14th) is just around the corner, so here is the last installation of our wedding ABC's!

We designed, made, and assembled these ourselves. It turned out to be a printing nightmare for Steven, but I only have good memories since I didn't accompany him on the nine billion trips to Kinko's :). He's a dear!

Question and Answer
Not really sure what to do with this one.... so here is a picture of us during the question part of the ceremony!

We got my band at the same place Steven got my engagement ring, because I wanted it to be the exact width, which wasn't sold anywhere else! We got Steven's band at a Zales and he just wanted a plain white gold band that would sort of match mine.

I had a lot of fun picking out my shoes and the color. I knew I wanted a fun pop of color, so I chose purple since most things in our purple and green wedding were green. I also wanted it as short as I could get it without them being flat, and settled with a one inch heel. They hurt by the end of the night, but were otherwise perfect and looked great in pictures!

(don't mind my granny heel protectors)

Because I have woman's intuition, I was sooo nervous about the tux rentals (and that has only a little do to with the fact that I changed what I wanted them to wear 3 times). I kept telling Steven that everyone had to try their tuxes on the day before the wedding, because I had nightmares of them not discovering a problem until the day of. Steven danced around this, so I didn't know this til later, thank God, but when he went to pick up his tux, they gave him one with a size 3x BLUE vest. WHATTTT??? So he had to rush back the next morning, our wedding day, for the correct one. Ahhh! Anyways, he looked like a dream in it :).

so dapper.... sigh!

I loved our flowers. They weren't super typical and I really let the florist have a lot of freedom in designing them, after sharing with her a few important elements. I also (of course) loved my dress and breaking the mold into the world of sleeves! Our getaway car was really awesome, and our assortment of cake flavors were pretty unique (can't wait to eat the top layer!!!)

Not much to say here! We had the choice between vows that ended with "til death do us part" or "all the days of our lives". I chose the soap opera vows over the macabre vows! I really liked using traditional vows because of the way it felt.... steeped in tradition!

Wedding Woes
I have 3. One is that our videographer didn't show (he 'got lost') and the back up videographer was only able to get there for the reception. I'm so glad we have that video, but I really wanted the ceremony on video! Two is that I basically ran down the aisle lol. I was so nervous and my dad and I didn't really get the special moment I was dreaming of. I know he understands, but I wish I had walked slower! And third, and most insignificant, is that there was nothing on the big, blank wall behind our dj. We picked where he would set up in the reception room, but for some reason didn't think about how blank the wall would look. I wish we had made a cute sign or something to put up. All in all, the wedding was one of the best days ever and I think about the million amazing details and memories, not the woes!
 Yep... this is my down the aisle picture lol! There is one from the back of us that is amazing, but I ruined the front shot ;).

If you can look past my mom and husband breaking it down, you'll see the empty dj wall!

This was seriously one of the most exciting parts of the day for me. I planned it early and was SO thrilled about our getaway car. It was just one of those extra touches that really made the day (besides the fact that we entered into a sacrament together, of course!). We felt like royalty pulling away in this car and being dropped off at our hotel. And the weather was perfect for it!



  1. This is such a cute idea to remember it all, i may borrow the idea for our first anniversary in June :)

    1. I 'stole' it from someone else and have had a blast doing it! You definitely should do it... I'd love to read it!

  2. What are your getaway car secrets? Here in NY, the bride and groom usually leave, say goodbye and good night to every. single. guest. I've never seen a couple formally leave before the guests and would love to know how to plan this!

    1. Well, I think it *might* be a tradition in the South? Or at least somewhat of a tradition? So that helped me, but I really was panicked that people would leave and miss it lol. I made sure to write on the reception cards what time the reception would be over. I think part of it is that people get antsy when they don't know an end time. I also wrote on our wedding website that I would love for people to stay for our special send off (hint hint lol). And last, I spread it by word of mouth as much as possible. It all worked, so maybe give it a try! Saying good night to everyone would exhaust me lol. It was nice to just dip out with everyone waving at us, and they continued the party elsewhere!

  3. You two are so adorable.

    I still stand by the remark made by the daughter of Jessica of Modest Mama: "Look! It's a princess getting married!!!"

    1. Haha, I had totally forgotten about it, but what a great way to start my Friday :).

  4. Hahaha, my trip up the aisle felt way too fast, too! Also, the chapel was pretty small, so it was a short aisle to begin with =) I LOVE the getaway car pictures; so classy!