Wednesday, April 3, 2013

The Father, the Son, and the....

So I lied about my blog fast because I technically started this on Holy Thursday. But you just don't ignore inspiration during the Triduum! Well, I don't anyway. Between that and my Saturday egg dyeing post, I totally blew my Triduum blog fast. Butttt anyways..... let's just dive right in, shall we?

I am neglectful of the Holy Spirit. There, I said it. I've always been a little ashamed of it, but didn't do much about it. Jesus and God? Yep, I've got them covered. They are basically on speed dial. But the Holy Spirit and I haven't spent that much time communicating in the last 14 or so years since confirmation.I know the Holy Spirit has been at work in me (and oh, what work there is to do!) but I don't know that I've been receptive or reciprocal. So while it's very easy for me to profess the realness of God and Christ, I fall fairly silent when it comes to the Holy Spirit.

And then I see things like this:

Pope washes feet of female Muslim prisoner and Pope embraces and kisses boy with disability... 

and all I can think it how real the Holy Spirit is. I know that the cardinals chose the pope of their free will, but I have no doubt that they along with hundreds of thousands of people were praying for guidance from the holy spirit. It seems like many people, myself included, were scratching our heads when Pope Francis walked out on the balcony. "Now wait.... who is that???". But within minutes, I was in awe. And I have continued to be in awe these past few weeks as I see him do things that will pave new roads for popes ahead of him, that will bring people back into the Church, and that will help people understand what Catholicism really is without changing the Truth the Church professes. 

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